Can I Use an Electric Blanket on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Will An Electric Blanket Damage My Mattress?

To paraphrase Game of Thrones, winter is well and truly coming. With forecasts warning us of a ‘big freeze’ this winter, it’s no surprise that people across the country are looking for ways to sleep comfortably on a cold night. A question that we get asked a lot is whether it is OK to use an electric blanket on a Memory Foam Mattress or whether it will damage it? Well, look no further because here’s the answer…


Step Away From the Electric Blanket!

Memory Foam Mattresses are constructed using a specially designed heat-sensitive material which works alongside your natural body temperature. When you lie on a memory foam mattress, it reacts to your body heat and moulds to your shape, providing you with sublime comfort. Adding an electric blanket into the equation could disrupt this harmony: the extra heat from the blanket causing the mattress to soften too much, leaving you without the support you require when sleeping.


So, if you are thinking of buying an electric blanket for your memory foam mattress, it’s time to put your wallet away! Gone are the times you had to rely on quilts, throws and electric blankets to warm you up, the memory foam mattress makes these accessory items obsolete. Instead, trust the temperature sensitive memory foam material which can keep you warm even on the coldest of nights.


3 Ways to Stay Warm During the Night (Without Using An Electric Blanket)

1. Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

The unique construction of the Memory Foam retains heat where traditional mattresses can’t! This is just one of the benefits of choosing a Memory Foam Mattress. Their foam construction means you stay warm during the cold months and cool during the warm months. Memory Foam Mattresses are also 100% hypo-allergenic and antibacterial preventing the infestation of bedbugs allowing you to have a healthier night’s sleep without the risk of irritation from allergies.

MMemory Foam Mattress Topper electric blanket


2. Have a Bath

Having a bath before bedtime will increase your body temperature leaving you feeling nice and toasty when you jump into bed. Taking a bath close to bedtime is also a great way to relax your body and mind, inducing a restful night’s sleep.

bathroom electric blanket


3. Keep Your Bedroom Warm

Although airing your bedroom during the day is always a good idea, it invariably causes the temperature in your room to drop. To combat this, try closing your bedroom door a couple of hours before bedtime to retain the heat. This will allow your bedroom to gently warm up making your room feel a lot cosier when you decide to head to bed. Ensuring your windows are closed and your room is draught-free is also essential to heating your room up.

bedroom- electric blanket

If you are considering purchasing a Memory Foam Mattress and have any questions regarding do’s and don’ts then have a look through the Memory Foam Warehouse Blog where we cover everything you need to know. Alternatively contact us directly and we will be happy to answer any questions which you may have before buying your Memory Foam Mattress.