What Are Memory Foam Mattresses Made Of?

What Are Memory Foam Mattresses Made Of?

We’ve all heard of memory foam. But do you know what actually goes into a memory foam mattress?

From the different types of foam and their benefits to mattress construction, we take a look inside our mattresses to show you what a memory foam mattress is made of.

Memory Foam Material

What is memory foam and why is it so comfortable?

Memory foam is made up of the polymer polyurethane, which is combined with hard-working chemicals to give it its viscosity. This is what gives it that soft, sinking feel when you get into bed.

Upon contact with heat, memory foam softens and moulds to the shape of your body for individualised comfort and support. Then, when you get out of bed, the foam springs back to its original shape after a short period of time.



Is Polyurethane Foam the Same as Memory Foam?

No. Polyurethane foam or Poly-foam as it’s often called, is not the same as memory foam. The difference is that this type of foam is cheaper, and therefore lower in quality.

Like memory foam, poly-foam comes in varying densities, the higher the density the more durable the foam. It can provide a layer of cushioning but doesn’t have the same personalised support you get with memory foam.

You will most commonly see this material used in ‘egg crate’ style mattress toppers.

What is Reflex Foam?

Reflex foam is very similar to memory foam, it’s just constructed slightly differently. One difference is that it springs back into shape faster than its slower moving cousin. It’s also a little firmer than memory foam, making it a great base layer or component in supportive orthopedic mattresses.

What is Medical Grade Foam?

Medical or orthopedic memory foam is designed specifically for those who suffer from chronic back or joint pain. A network of grooves and channels carved strategically into the foam provide extra cushioning around joints and problem areas.

What Is The Difference Between Foam and Latex Mattresses?

Latex is created by connecting latex particles through heat and compression into a solid form. Mattresses can be made from both synthetic and natural latex.

Unlike memory foam, latex does not soften in contact with body heat and could feel too firm for some. However, it is a very durable material and natural latex has eco credentials.

Is A Hybrid Mattress Better Than Memory Foam?

Not necessarily. It depends on your sleeping style and preferences. A hybrid mattress combines several mattress features in one. Most commonly, spring mattresses are combined with a layer of memory foam for added comfort.

A hybrid mattress could solve a particular sleeping issue- such as getting too hot in the night, or if you and your partner have different mattress support needs.

Memory Foam Benefits

Memory foam beds can have a big impact on your sleep and spine health. Here are some of the benefits;

  • Cushions pressure points
  • High density foam prevents dust-mites from entering
  • Suitable for different body weights
  • Movement absorption minimises disturbance from your partners tossing and turning
  • Superior comfort and support
  • Long lasting and durable

Are There Any Disadvantages of Memory Foam Mattresses?

In the past, memory foam got some complaints for getting too hot in the night. While some, lower quality memory foam may not be suitable for hot sleepers, recent memory foam innovation has resolved this issue.

Here at Memory Foam Warehouse, we’ve come up with some intelligent solutions to combat the heat;

Our Coolmax mattress range features cooling fibres to help keep heat away from the body and washable covers to keep things fresh.

The 4G Aircool range of memory foam products are constructed through open cell technology. Air pockets in the foam allow better ventilation, helping you to sleep soundly, even when temperatures rise.

How Are Our Memory Foam Mattresses Constructed?

Our memory foam and hybrid mattresses are constructed from various innovative materials to deliver comfort and support for all types of sleepers.

Let’s take a closer look at what goes into some of our most popular mattresses;

Great Value Eco Foam

Construction of essentials eco mattress

This durable mattress design features memory foam, reflex foam and ecofoam for an affordable, yet supportive sleep.

A base of 100% recycled re-engineered eco foam is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Then comes a layer of supportive reflex foam, topped with a comfort layer of memory foam to achieve the perfect blend of comfort and support.

This type of mattress construction can be found in our Essentials range.

Affordable, Firm Feel Foam

Construction of Essentials Homestarter mattress

This memory foam mattress make up combines a deep, reflex foam base with a temperature sensitive layer of soft memory foam on top. Ideal for front or back sleepers who require firmer support.

This type of mattress can be found in our Essentials and Coolmax ranges.

1000 Pocket Sprung Hybrid

Construction of Coolmax 1500 pocket spring mattress

This quad layer mattress design is made up of a pocket sprung mid section on top of a reflex foam base. The upper parts feature high density memory foam for medium soft support.

Combining individual pocket springs with cushioning memory foam results in targeted support.

This mattress design can be found in our Coolmax range.

Ultra Thick Memory Foam

Construction of Coolmax XL mattress

This is the deepest memory foam mattress we offer, and is particularly suited to heavy sleepers or those with chronic back or joint pain. A top layer of open cell 4G memory foam provides luxurious comfort. This is set on top of a revo foam layer for added bounce without springs. The base layer is made from deep, durable reflex foam.

This design can be found in our Coolmax range.

Cooling Orthopedic Mattress

Construction of 4G Pedic Duluxe Mattress

This orthopedic mattress design features a deep base layer of medical grade foam to ease severe back and joint pain and provide extra support for heavier sleepers. Above this is a firm layer of memory foam to offer another layer of support.

All finished with a comforting layer of 4G memory foam for increased airflow of up to 95%. Ideal for hot sleepers with back pain.

This mattress can be found in our 4G Aircool range.

Ultra Thick Cooling Foam

Construction of 4G Ultra Mattress

A 15cm reflex foam base and grooves in the foam are engineered to deliver extra support around major problem points such as hips and shoulders. Atop this is a firm layer of memory foam, finished with a thicker layer of cooling foam.

This top layer of memory foam is exclusive to us, and provides a fresh sleeping environment that wicks away excess heat and moisture.

This cooling mattress design can be found in our 4G Aircool range.

The Classicpedic Pocket Sprung Mattress

Construction of Classicpedic pocket sprung mattresses

If you suffer from regular back pain, an orthopedic mattress could help ease your discomfort at night. This hybrid construction features a base layer of pocket springs for full body support. This is covered by 5cm of reflex foam and a softer, 8cm memory foam layer. This combination of support and comfort is perfect for back pain sufferers.

This mattress can be found in the Classicpedic range.

The Bed in a Box

Construction of Guru bed in a box mattress

The bed in a box mattress is designed for ease of delivery. Featuring a triple layer design, the mattress is constructed from a base of revo and reflex foam. The top layer is made from 4G Aircool memory foam, for the perfect blend of comfort and breathability.

Find this mattress in our Zen range.

Fusion Pocket Mattress

Construction of fusion pocket mattress

Within this mattress design, individual pocket springs are encapsulated in durable foam for that ‘bouncy’ feel. This is combined with high density memory foam that moulds to the contours of your body. Highly conductive, this 4G foam provides excellent ventilation for hot sleepers. It even comes with a luxury quilted mattress cover that can be easily removed to keep your mattress feeling fresh.

This mattress design is part of the Komfi range.

Sports Foam Mattress

Construction of Ikon sport mattress

Designed with fitness enthusiasts in mind, this sports foam mattress has a generous 26cm layer of medical grade reflex foam. Dual castellations provide pressure relief and ventilation.

This innovative pressure mapping design is ideal for people who practice a lot of sport, as it provides relief for sore, tired muscles at the end of the day. Open-cell foam technology also provides a fresh and hygienic sleeping environment.

This mattress is part of the Komfi collection.

Triple Layer Wave Cut Mattress

Construction of Ikon Trio mattress

This hand crafted mattress design features three layers of ergonomically wave cut foam for optimum support and even weight distribution. The 4G core layer ensures a cool night’s sleep while the durable base foam provides a sturdy foundation. This best-selling mattress is used in many boutique hotels throughout the UK.

Find this design in the Komfi mattress range.

Luxury Pocket Hybrid

Construction of Harmony pocket sprung mattress

Within this mattress, 1500 seven-turn nested pocket springs work independently to support your body, promoting natural spine alignment. A base of reflex foam provides a resilient foundation and a top layer of softer memory foam provides luxurious comfort. The removable mattress cover is infused with memory foam for added cushioning.

This luxury mattress is part of the Komfi range.

Supportive Fusion Mattress

Construction of fusion memory foam mattress

Combining cooling, open-cell foam technology with high density foam makes this mattress a great choice for those looking for extra nighttime support.

With a 60kg/m3 memory foam density and four hard-working layers, this design is one of our best for sleepers who prefer medium firm support.

This mattress design is part of the Komfi collection.

Finding The Best Memory Foam Mattress For You

Now you’re clued up on what goes into a memory foam mattress and the different types of construction for different sleeping requirements, you should be in a great place to choose your next mattress.

Or, if you’re ready to get searching for your perfect bed mate, browse our full collection of memory foam mattresses today.

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