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The Komfi range is a handmade masterpiece in the art of sleep. If you are looking for a premium memory foam mattress, look no further than the Komfi Mattress, our flagship brand. 

Designed in the UK, the Komfi memory foam mattress uses the finest materials to give your new memory foam mattress the very best in comfort and finish.

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Komfi Mattress

The Komfi mattress has long been a favourite amongst sleep-lovers seeking the latest innovations in memory foam mattresses. 

The Komfi range has something for everybody. Whether you need a medical-grade mattress, pressure relief, or just an unrivalled nights sleep - Komfi’s memory foam technology delivers!

Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

We all appreciate a good night’s sleep to feel well-rested and energised the following day, but the benefits of a memory foam mattress can run much deeper than how groggy we might feel. 

Memory foam mattresses ease and sometimes improve physical ailments, from neck pains, stiffness and frozen shoulders, to aches, pains and beyond. A specially-engineered medical-grade memory foam mattress can even help to alleviate chronic back pain, bad posture, nerve tension and arthritis. 

What is a medical-grade foam mattress?

The medical-grade foam was first fabricated as a stepping stone between competitive sports players and consistent medical care. A medical memory foam mattress provides support and pressure-relief through moulding to the body’s contours and immediately adjusting to your body shape and weight. This immediate shift allows you to maintain a neutral position with excellent spinal alignment throughout the night. 

Komfi Medical Pocket Mattress

Komfi’s therapeutic healthcare foam mattress is made from pioneering medical-grade foam, specially selected by the NHS. The Komfi medical pocket mattress is engineered to provide unrivalled pressure relief, keep you cool, and ensure a medically-approved sleep in the comfort of your own home. 

The Komfi Ikon Sport Mattress is also crafted with medical-grade reflex foam, designed to provide maximum support and relief to those living an active lifestyle. Komfi’s Ikon Sport Mattress offers support, adequate weight distribution and its dual castellation provide heightened ventilation. 

Komfi Fusion Mattress

The Komfi Fusion collection is an industry leader for a night of therapeutic and luxurious night sleep. Made with unparalleled sleep technology, the Komfi mattress provides a rest like no other. 

Komfi Ikon Mattress

As the ‘premium’ range of Komfi’s collection, the iconic Ikon uses a hybrid of memory foam technologies to provide peak performance in terms of comfort AND support. 

Komfi Harmony Mattress

Komfi’s patented memory foam technology used in their Harmony mattress performs like no other memory foam mattress on the market. The Komfi Harmony mattress has 7 turn nested pocket springs, each of which is individually clothed in 16cm of sumptuous foam. 

Komfi Mattress Reviews

We understand that a memory foam mattress is more of a lifetime investment rather than an on-the-whim bargain buy, so it’s important that you make the most informed decision when choosing the best Komfi memory foam mattress for your needs. 

We encourage all of our past customers to leave honest and informative reviews on their purchase, to help you - our newer customers - have access to lots of helpful information when making your mattress decision. 

Browse our insightful customer reviews to see what our past purchasers think of our products!

While we can offer lots of informative reviews, choosing a mattress is still a very personal decision, which is why we offer a FREE 200-night sleep trial. So if you’re not satisfied with your mattress, we will exchange it for you.

Shop Komfi Mattresses with Memory Foam Warehouse

Memory Foam Warehouse offers Free Delivery and a Price Match Promise on the Komfi Mattress collection and all other brands of memory foam mattress, so there is no need to shop anywhere else!

Aside from our all-important sleep Trial and excellent value for money, our team is always on hand and ready to help you in any way they can. 

If you need further guidance, you can read our handy Mattress Buyers Guide, or contact our team today if you would prefer to speak to one of us!

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