200 Night Trial Mattress: Risk Free Shopping

We understand that choosing the right mattress is an important decision and we understand that sometimes it can be difficult to choose the right mattress online. However, we are so confident that our mattresses will give you a good night’s sleep that we offer a 200 night mattress trial period.We recommend that you give your body time to adjust to your new mattress and make use of the sleep trial to allow for a true evaluation of the benefits your new mattress can offer.

Finding and choosing the perfect mattress can be tricky and it’s important to get it right. To help give you peace of mind when mattress shopping, we offer a 200 night trial mattress period to ensure you don’t get stuck with a bed that’s not quite right for you. If you’re not completely happy with your new purchase, our risk free trial allows you to exchange it. Tempted? Find everything you need to know about this service.


Memory Foam Mattress Trial for a Great Night’s Sleep

Why do we offer this service?

A mattress is a hugely personal item, and there are many factors that go into your buying decision. You need to weigh up:

• Price
• Brand
• Your sleeping position
• Your individual needs
• Mattress depth
• Materials
• Comfort preferences
• Your sleeping partner’s needs

    This is just to name a few!

    It takes time to find the right mattress for you and choosing wrong can result in inadequate support for your body, leading to poor sleep, aches and pains.For this reason, we offer a 200 night trial. During this mattress trial period, you can test to see if your product has all the features you require for a perfect night’s sleep. Don’t hesitate when it comes to creating an ideal sleeping environment, our safety net is here to make your purchase risk-free.


    Coolmax memory foam mattress


    Making the Most of Your Mattress 200 Night Trial

    We recommend that you give your body time to adjust to your new mattress before making any final decisions. This adjustment can take anywhere from 30 nights to 60 nights depending on the individual. Make use of the full trial period to allow for a true evaluation of the benefits your new mattress can offer. Your muscles and joints need to get used to the support offered by your new memory foam mattress. So, it’s normal for your back to take time to adjust during the first couple of weeks. Our mattresses also offer fantastic pressure relief. This means improved circulation, which could make you feel hotter in bed than usual. However, this should soon pass as you adjust.


    Our Mattress Trial Promise

    We offer high-quality products that rival some of the leading brands, such as Tempur. However, our mattresses are sold for a fraction of the price thanks to our direct-to-consumer pricing strategy.


    Frequently Asked Questions About Your Mattress Free Trial

    Keen to find out more about how your home trial works? You might find any questions you have answered below:


    How Does a Mattress Trial Work?

    If you decide to return your mattress after it has been delivered, you can request to exchange it via our customer service team from the comfort of your own home.


    How Long Should You Try Out A New Mattress?

    We recommend using the full trial period to allow your body to adapt to the new mattress.


    Are There Any Rules Concerning Exchanges?

    If you choose a more expensive mattress, any difference in price between the mattress you have, and the replacement mattress must be paid at the time of re-selection.  

    If you select a less-expensive mattress, any difference in price will be returned to you in the form of credit against any future purchase from Memory Foam Warehouse. 

    The Comfort Guarantee is subject to the following conditions: 

    (a) We ask that you wait a minimum of 30 nights from the day of delivery as it can take this long for the fillings to settle and for your body to adjust to your new mattress 

    (b) the mattress to be returned must be kept in perfect condition, so a mattress protector must be used. We reserve the right to refuse an exchange if a mattress protector hasn’t been used or the product is marked/soiled or damaged. 

    (c) a collection and re-delivery charge of £50 will be applied to the exchange.

    (d) We only allow one exchange under the 200-night trial offer.


    Who Can I Contact About an Exchange?

    If you wish to exchange your mattress, please contact us via email at customerservice@memoryfoamwarehouse.co.uk

    Inform us of your intentions at least 7 days before the end of the 200 night trial period. A member of our customer service team will then contact you to discuss your requirements.


    When Does My 200 Night Mattress Trial Start?

    The trial starts when you receive your mattress.


    Which Products are Included in the Sleep Trial?

    The only mattresses the trial applies to are stock and sale.

    Please note this excludes following ranges:

    • Essentials
    • Stock Clearance
    • Children's mattresses
    • Cot mattresses
    • Made to measure mattresses
    • Bed frames
    • Mattress protectors and toppers
    • Memory foam pillows


      Do You Offer Mattress Topper Free Trials?

      We do not offer memory foam mattress topper trials. However this guide on choosing a memory foam mattress topper has all the information you need to make an informed decision.


      When Won’t My Mattress Be Exchanged?

      For health and safety reasons, mattresses that have been soiled, stained or have suffered damage, (malicious or otherwise) cannot be exchanged.


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