How to Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper For You

How to Find the Best Memory Foam Mattress Topper For You

When you’re shopping for a dreamy sleeping environment, there are a few things to consider to ensure you get the maximum levels of comfort, relaxation and optimum rest out of your night’s sleep. 

Typically, when buying a memory foam mattress, you’ll inspect the density, depth and size of the mattress; the same goes when looking for the best memory foam mattress topper for you!

Let’s take a look at some of the considerations to think about when hunting for memory foam mattress toppers, how they impact your sleeping experience and how you can achieve the best sleep of your life!

1. Density

Density is the main way we measure the quality of memory foam. Higher density memory foam offers better relief on pressure points, support and comfort. In addition a higher density foam is more durable and will have a longer lifespan.

Low density memory foam is less than 45kg; medium density memory foam is 45kg – 60kg; and high density memory foam is 60kg+ …

We produce memory foam mattress toppers in 3 different densities, to suit a range of budgets and requirements:

Medium Density 45kg

Our Essentials Memory Foam Mattress Toppers start at just £59.99! This medium density memory foam topper comes with a 12 month warranty. 

High Density 60kg

Our cooling Coolmax mattress toppers range is produced in high density 60kg memory foam. In addition to superior memory foam luxury, you also benefit from the cooling technology in these two designs. 

Superior Density 75kg

Our Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress Toppers are also available in superior 75kg density memory foam. This provides the ultimate in memory foam luxury and is long lasting too. 

2. Depth

When it comes to memory foam mattress toppers, deeper means softer. But you do have to remember to account for the density of foam which you’ve chosen as this will affect softness too (higher density foams are slightly firmer and more supportive).

We have 3 depths of memory foam mattress topper to choose from:

5cm (2 inches)

All 3 of our memory foam mattress topper designs are available in 5cm depth. 

7.5cm (3 inches)

Our Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress Toppers (complete with a cooling cover) are available as a luxurious 7.5cm deep design. 

10cm (4 inches)

Our Essentials range of value memory foam mattress toppers are available as an extra-deep 10cm design. 

3. Firmness for Pain Relief or Added Support

If you suffer with back conditions, aches or pains, you might want to specifically look for a mattress topper that is constructed with medical grade foam. Alternatively, a firm mattress topper or a topper with a higher density can also offer the additional support your back and spine may need.

4. Size

If you’re looking for a memory foam topper to use on top of your existing mattress at home, chances are you’ll be looking for a standard size. Well that’s easy! We produce toppers in all standard UK sizes at our factory in Yorkshire, UK.

If you’re shopping for your caravan, motor home, horsebox or boat you might need a custom size topper creating. That’s easy too! We produce all of our toppers onsite at our Yorkshire factory, so custom products are no problem. Simply contact us with your measurements and we’ll send you a free quote. 

5. Allergy Sufferers 

Memory foam mattresses and toppers are typically a perfect choice for allergy sufferers, due to the foam being hypoallergenic. Memory foam is also less likely to result in problems with dust mites, bed bugs and mildew, so if you are afflicted with a number of allergies - make sure your new topper is a memory foam one!

6. Cover

For additional benefits during the night, consider our Coolmax toppers which come complete with a Coolmax fabric cover. This ultra-breathable fabric ensures you stay cool and dry during the night. 

Of course if you’re looking for a budget memory foam solution, a cover is not compulsory. A cover-free topper from our value Essentials range will slot neatly in between your bottom sheet and mattress, providing you with a bit of extra memory foam luxury during the night.

Also - if you’re looking for an extra layer of protection for your mattress topper, you can find many machine washable covers. If you have any spills, or want to rid your topper of sweat and excess oils, simply remove the elastic straps and pop your cover in the washing machine. Your topper is fully protected and your cover is brand-new!

7. Cooling Properties

Traditional memory foam is associated with retaining body heat due to its high density. If you find that yourself or your partner tend to overheat in the night or suffer with night sweats, you can find cooling memory foam mattress toppers that are sometimes manufactured with a cooling gel infused layer, or with an open inner structure that allows full circulation of excess body heat and temperature regulation to keep yourself cool.

8. Price

Expensive doesn’t always mean the best. There are many fantastic budget mattresses and affordable mattress toppers on the market that are just as good as their expensive counterparts, meaning extra comfort and support are accessible to everybody - regardless of your budget!

If you’d like some more information or advice about finding the best memory foam mattress topper for you, give us a call or drop us an email! We’d love to hear from you.

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