Bed Frames and Beds

Leather, metal, upholstered and wooden… We have a wide range of bed frames designed to suit every style and taste. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here - at affordable prices.

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we combine comfort with practicality - ensuring not to compromise on either. Here’s a closer look at our range and what each one offers.

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Our Brands

We have three different bed brands for our customers to choose from, each offering something a little different. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it within our collection.

Time Living bed frames are high quality, boasting both comfort and style simultaneously. Here, you can find a wide range, from wood to metal, in a number of different sizes. The brand hasn’t earned its trusted reputation for no reason. It offers both sophistication and high-quality workmanship - at affordable prices too.

Aspire bed frames are priced competitively, combining modern methods of design with both new and classic styles. They manufacturers are from Yorkshire, proud to craft beds that offer high levels of comfort each and every night of the week. You can find various fabrics and finishes within the collection, so it should be easy to find something to suit your taste.

Kaydian bed frames have a reputation for good quality - one they certainly live up to. If you’re looking for contemporary and upholstered, you’re in the right place. Many of the beds by this brand can also be used for storage - which is a handy design feature!  The variety within the collection is huge; offering many different colours, fabrics and sizes. Not only should you find a bargain, but also the style you’re looking for.

Our selection of materials

We understand that everyone is looking for something different; whether that’s elegant, modern or classic. For this reason, we have a wide range of materials for you to choose from.

Leather beds

A leather bed frame makes a bold statement - adding a touch of luxury to any bedroom. Not only that, but it’s durable and will last you a long time. Should it need a clean, simply wipe over with a cloth. You can choose from multiple sizes, such as our Swan real leather bed frame, which comes in both king and super king. While some bedding brands will charge high prices for these bed frames, we do things a little differently. We believe a great night’s sleep shouldn’t break the bank, so we promise affordability to each of our customers.

Wooden bed frames

Wood is a classic material that fits in with a variety of bedroom styles. For this reason, combined with its durability, it’s a hugely popular choice. We have a number of wooden bed frames for you to choose from. Don’t assume that you’re limited to one style with this particular material.

Metal beds

First and foremost, your bed should serve its primary function: to provide a comfortable, study surface for you to sleep on. It should support your mattress adequately and prevent sagging. However, that doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish at the same time. Metal frames are proof of this, with their sleek lines that make a statement in your bedroom. Whether you prefer a patterned, elegant effect or something more bold - we’ve got a product to suit you.

A bonus of metal bed frames is that they’re long-lasting. There’s something for everyone within our collection, with multiple different sizes, colours and designs to choose from. Our Seline metal frame is just one example of this. You need only browse our store to find more.

Upholstered frames

Soft to touch and offering high levels of comfort, upholstered bed frames are a fond favourite in many bedrooms up and down the country. You might think you’d be limited when it comes to sizes, but, you’d be wrong. Memory Foam Warehouse stocks these type of beds in multiple options - giving you plenty of choice. Some can also double up as an innovative, practical storage solution, known as ottoman bed frames. Simply open it up to reveal a large surface space in which to store clothes or other items.

Our bed sizes

Across our range, we have a number of different bed sizes for you to choose from. These include: Single, Small double, Double, King size and Super king size. This ensures everyone can enjoy the comfort and style of our frames. We’ve made it our mission to cater to everyone.

Why choose us?

At Memory Foam Warehouse, unlike other companies, we believe quality doesn’t go hand in hand with expense. This is why every product found in our online shop and in Wakefield offers high levels of comfort at affordable prices.

At Memory Foam Warehouse, unlike other companies, we believe quality doesn’t go hand in hand with expense. This is why every product found in our online shop and mattress outlet store in Wakefield offers high levels of comfort at affordable prices.

We’ve got something for everyone, from students to parents. We pride ourselves on bringing affordability to your home - without compromising on luxury. We only cut prices, not corners!

Browse our bedding range

We don’t just have beds and bed frames for sale!  We’re here to cater to your every need, which is why we’ve brought you a range of high quality products.


Our memory foam pillows offer support for your head and neck, aligning your spine. This ensures you have the most refreshing night’s sleep possible, allowing you to wake up without any aches or pains. Coupled with the medical benefits for your body, these pillows are also hugely luxurious. They’ll make you look forward to getting into bed and resting your head each and every night.

Some more good news - they won’t break the bank. Our promise is to help you create the best night’s sleep without having to spend more than is necessary.

Mattress toppers

Memory foam mattress toppers can be an affordable alternative to a mattress. Or, they can be used to make your sleeping environment even more luxurious than ever.  We’re all on the hunt for the perfect night’s sleep. A topper can help you achieve exactly that. They reduce the chance of overheating, add an extra layer of support and provide pressure relief. If that wasn’t enough - they also help protect your mattress, ensuring its longevity. It’s a win-win all round, and an affordable one at that!


At Memory Foam Warehouse, we’re experts in mattress technology. The right mattress has become synonymous with a great night’s sleep. You want to ensure the surface you rest on every night offers full support, reducing the symptoms of any medical conditions you may be suffering with. This could be arthritis, for example. Everyone should go to bed knowing they’ll wake up feeling rejuvenated and ready for the day ahead. There’s no worse feeling than waking up as tired as when you went to sleep!

The key is to find the right material - one that absorbs movement, keeping you supported and comfortable throughout the night.  Use our mattress size guide to help you select the perfect option for you and your needs. Ready to put unrest to bed? Browse our range of mattresses to buy online to help you unlock the door to a great night’s sleep, every night of the week.