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Cosy Winter Bedroom Ideas: Bunker Down for The Season

And just like that, it’s that time of year again! Instead of mourning the end of warm sunshine and long evenings, it’s time to get excited about getting cosy. Think woollen socks, carb heavy dinners and great TV.

To get through the long winter months, we all need a little extra comfort. That’s why we’ve come up with some cosy winter bedroom ideas to help you bunker down in style and emerge next spring well-rested and rejuvenated.

Grab a hot drink and reach for the biscuit tin. Let the great hibernation commence!

How Can I Make My Bedroom Warmer?

The first thing to consider when it comes to getting your bedroom winter ready is warmth. There’s nothing worse than waking up with cold toes on a January morning. Luckily, we’ve got some tip to make your bedroom feel warmer;

  • Take the chill off cold floors with a thick rug
  • Add extra blankets and throws to your bed set up
  • Invest in thicker curtains or blinds to keep out the cold
  • Move your bed away from a window or use a draft excluder
  • Add a mattress topper for an extra layer of warmth 

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    How Can I Make My Bedroom Cosy for Winter?

    In addition to the practical advice above, your bedroom decor has a large part to play in creating a cosy bedroom. From furnishings to window treatment, here’s some simple ideas that could make a big impact;

    Out With the Old

    Before you get started cosifying your bedroom, it’s worth taking stock of what you currently own. Bedroom clutter can be a major barrier when it comes to getting a great night’s sleep so getting rid of the old is a good place to start. Tidy house, tidy mind and all that jazz.

    Keep It Simple

    Preparing your bedroom for winter doesn’t have to involve a full interior overhaul. Just a few changes or additions such as a new bed throw, or scented candle can make the world of difference.

    Switch Up The Colour Palette

    Warm tones can not only make your bedroom feel warmer, but actually influence your mood! Autumnal yellows and oranges create a cosy ambiance, whilst remaining soothing enough to help you sleep.

    Alternatively, an all-white colour palette is a stylish option. Devise your own wintery wonderland with snow white sheets and silvery accents to create a serene, zen-like sleeping space.

    We suggest staying clear of red or purple which can be overly stimulating and prevent you from nodding off.

    Introduce Tactile Textures

    Whether it’s a faux fur throw or bundles of soft furnishings- texture is key when it comes to creating a cosy sleeping environment.

    Tactile materials and fabrics are an easy way to add a touch of luxury into your bedroom. Perfect for snuggling.

    Create a Cosy Reading Corner

    Wintery evenings were made for bed time stories. Assigning a dedicated reading area in your bedroom is a great way to motivate yourself to read and wind down after a long day.

    The right pillow is essential when it comes to finding a comfortable reading position. No one wants a crook neck when they settle down with a good book. A memory foam pillow provides the ideal blend of comfort and support for all round comfort.

    Need some extra support when reading in bed? A memory foam back wedge will help you maintain healthy spine alignment.

    Book and tea on bed

    Get Ahead of the Curve

    You might be surprised at the difference a headboard could make to your bedroom. Go soft and quilted for elegance or pared back and natural for an understated look.

    A headboard provides a comfy spot to lean against or rest your head while you get stuck into a box set.

    Set Up a Bedroom Cinema

    Got a white wall in your bedroom? Create the ultimate home cinema by projecting all your favourite classics onto your bedroom wall and watch from the comfort of your own bed. Hot chocolate and popcorn compulsory.

    Bring Nature Inside

    Natural materials and colours add a different type of warmth to your bedroom and can even promote healthy sleep. From forest green pillows to wooden accents, bringing the outside in is a fun way to play with bedroom design. Here’s some ideas to try;

    • Introduce green, leafy plants for a pop of colour
    • Feature natural materials such as wicker baskets and wooden bowls
    • Opt for organic, unbleached cotton bed sheets
    • Choose soothing Eucalyptus infused mattress covers

    Upgrade Your Winter Bedding

    It’s hard to feel cosy with scratchy sheets that have been through the wash one too many times. Take this winter as an opportunity to invest in quality sheets and bedding to help you maximise your sleep. We recommend opting for natural materials such as breathable cotton or bamboo for optimum comfort.

    Invest in a Mattress Topper

    What could be cosier than sinking into a luxurious layer of memory foam? A mattress topper is an easy way to improve the comfort of your mattress, helping you sleep better and improving your spine health.

    Ramp Up Your Mood Lighting

    Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to creating a cosy den - the right lighting can transform a space into a soothing paradise you won’t want to leave.

    To achieve this affect, stay away from overly bright lights, and instead opt for lamp shades that produce a warm, yellow glow. Spread the light sources throughout the room with table lamps, floor lamps and fairy lights draped over the headboard for a cosy, festive feel.

    Create a Relaxing Ambience with Scents

    Scents have the ability to transport us into different head spaces and can have a massive impact on our frame of mind. Find a scent that helps you relax- maybe it’s freshly washed linen, pine forests or vanilla and cinnamon and you’re bound to find a candle to match.

    Go for Gold

    Metallic accents such as copper and gold are not only bang on trend, but also help to create a warm, cosy setting with a contemporary twist. Some easy ways to introduce this look into your bedroom is to include copper lamps, doorknobs or handles.

    Mix It Up With Prints

    Whether it’s your curtains or wallpaper, a statement print can provide the wow factor. If you’re going for cosy, why not try a woodland theme or shimmery metallics for extra design points?

    Design a Den

    When it’s cold and rainy outside and all you want to do is curl up in your duvet, it’s time for your inner child to come out and play. Creating your own private cocoon is easily done by fitting a curtain around your bed or hanging drapery to hide you from view. Now we just pray for a snow day!

    Dreamy DIY

    Fancy yourself a dab hand with a paintbrush and screwdriver? Then you’re perfectly placed to step your bedroom decorating up a gear. The simple wooden palette can be transformed into all manner of bedroom upgrades- from bedside tables to lanterns. The only limit is your own imagination!

    Bed Down for Winter With Memory Foam Warehouse

    The final flourish is the most important one. Getting the most out of your bedroom all comes down to the right mattress for your weight and sleeping style.

    At Memory Foam Warehouse, we have a wide range of mattresses to suit all types of sleepers. By providing a cushioning and supportive sleep surface, memory foam has what it takes to make this winter your cosiest yet.

    Start browsing our memory foam mattress collection to find your perfect fit.

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