Can You Use A Hot Water Bottle on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Can You Use A Hot Water Bottle on a Memory Foam Mattress?

If you’re wondering whether you can use a hot water bottle on a memory foam mattress, the short answer is no. We do not advise using a hot water bottle, electric blanket or heat pad with your memory foam mattress.

Find out why...


Memory Foam and Heat Explained

Memory foam is a heat-sensitive material – that’s how it moulds to your body when you lie down on it, providing the ultimate comfort and pressure relief.

The additional heat from a hot water bottle can interfere with this process, compromising the performance of the memory foam and potentially causing permanent damage to the foam itself.


Does Heat Ruin Memory Foam?

Because of the way memory foam mattresses work, excess heat on the mattress surface could affect the foams ability to mould to your shape and even damage the internal structure.

This is why an electric blanket is not suitable for a memory foam mattress and we also advise against using electric heat pads.

The natural heat of your body should be enough to warm and soften your mattress.

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You Won’t Need a Hot Water Bottle Anyway…

You might notice that when you first lie down on your memory foam mattress – especially if your bedroom is quite chilly – it will feel very firm.

Don’t worry, as soon as you lie down the foam will start reacting to your body heat and weight. Very quickly, your memory foam mattress will warm and soften.

From that point onward you should be perfectly toasty without a hot water bottle. Foam naturally holds heat very well because of its dense structure.


Tips for warming up memory foam

If you want to make your bedroom extra cosy for winter, why not try…

  • Turning up the thermostat in your bedroom
  • Keeping the windows closed and using thicker curtains
  • Adding extra blankets and throws to your bed
  • Adding a memory foam mattress topper for extra warmth
  • Upgrading your bed linen
  • Using thicker sheets
  • Placing a thick rug under your bed

All simple solutions that can make a real difference to the feel of your sleeping space!


Temperature Regulating Mattresses

If you’re concerned about your night-time temperature, whether you get too hot or too cold in the night, why not try a temperature-regulating mattress, topper or cover?

Choose between:

  • Coolmax memory foam mattresses and covers contain breathable fibres to help keep you cool in the summer and regulate your temperature all year round
  • 4GAircool mattresses and toppers contain breathable open-cell foam for better air circulation. This sleep technology also helps to disperse moisture to keep your mattress feeling fresh and clean

Sleep Better With The Right Mattress

Looking for an upgrade to transform your sleep?

We have a wide range of mattresses and memory foam mattress toppers for you to choose from - whether you’re a hot sleeper or get cold in the night - we’ve got you covered.

From pocket sprung to orthopaedic designs, explore our full range of memory foam mattresses to get a great night’s sleep.


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