Will a Memory Foam Mattress Feel Too Firm When Its Cold?

Will a Memory Foam Mattress Feel Too Firm When Its Cold?

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Will memory foam mattress feel too firm when cold

Memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material, so the feel of it is influenced by the temperature of your bedroom. If it’s a bit nippy in your bedroom, your memory foam mattress will feel firmer. But this will quickly change. When you lie down on your memory foam mattress – even if it’s in a cold room – you will feel the foam reacting to your body heat almost immediately. Quickly, the memory foam will soften and mould to the contours of your body. So even if the foam feels firm at first, this will change when you lie down.

Why Does it Feel So Firm?

It’s simply the way that memory foam is. It’s a temperature-sensitive material which works in partnership with your body heat. This is the very reason why we do not recommend using an electric blanket or hot water bottle with your memory foam mattress. These heat sources will interfere with the adaptive memory foam, and possibly interfere with your sleep quality.

Testing a New Mattress

It’s really important to bear this information in mind when you’re testing a new mattress. It’s impossible to gauge how a memory foam mattress feels if you lie on it for a millisecond and then leap back up again.

We know that lying on a mattress in a bed shop probably isn’t your idea of an enjoyable shopping trip, but if you’re going to spend your money well on a mattress which is perfect for you then you need to lie down for a good 5 – 10 minutes. Get comfortable and allow the memory foam to soften around you… let it work it’s magic! Remember, we help hundreds of people every week to find the perfect mattress for them. It makes our lives a lot easier if you embrace the bed shop experience!

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