Why Do I Overheat on a Memory Foam Mattress?

Why Do I Overheat on a Memory Foam Mattress?

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Overheat on a memory foam mattress?

Memory Foam is a wonderful thing, with a list of health benefits longer than your arm. However, some people find that memory foam makes them feel quite warm. So why do you overheat on a memory foam mattress and how can you cool down?

Causes of Over-Heating

How To Keep Cool

Is There a Cool Mattress?

Causes of Over-Heating on Memory Foam 

1. One of the reasons why you can get too hot is due to the dense structure of foam. Memory foam is a very dense substance so naturally it does not allow much air to pass through it. This dense design has so many benefits including full body support and luxurious comfort. However if you feel too warm during the night, it could be the lack of ventilation which is to blame. Your built up body heat doesn’t have anywhere to go!

2. Another cause of overheating is your improved blood circulation. This is one of the many health benefits that comes with sleeping on a memory foam mattress, as the pressure relief and spinal alignment encourages healthier blood circulation, which in turn means you feel warmer. Usually your body will adjust to this over time and after a few weeks you’ll be sleeping comfortably again.

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How to Keep Cool on Your Memory Foam Mattress 

If you to suffer from over-heating and feel that a Memory Foam Mattress would not be suitable then there are some simple solutions which allow you to experience and benefit from Memory Foam whilst being able to enjoy a cool night’s sleep:

  • Use a lighter duvet, somewhere between 1 and 7 tog
  • Wear breathable pyjamas, such as cotton or linen
  • Have a cool shower before you go to sleep
  • Freeze your pillowcase for a couple of hours before bed

Buy a Cool Mattress Cover. Our smart mattress covers are made from ultra-breathable Coolmax fabric, which wicks away excess body heat and moisture before it has chance to build up! So you enjoy a cool and comfortable sleep on your memory foam mattress every night – and from just £58.99! Click here to shop

Is There a Cool Mattress?

Yes! There is a cool memory foam mattress, and it sounds like it’s just what you need. Click here to find out more about this super cool design. 

Thanks to advances in foam and fabric technology, memory foam mattresses don’t have to mean feeling too hot. If you’d like to find out more about our cool memory foam mattresses, cool toppers and cool mattress covers click here to check out our website. Until then, sleep well…

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