Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? Why You May Be Overheating

Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? Why You May Be Overheating

Are you prone to overheating? Wondering if your memory foam mattress is too hot?

We examine why that may be the case and tips you can follow to keep cool during the night for a better night's sleep.

Memory Foam is a wonderful thing, with a list of health benefits longer than your arm. However, some people find that memory foam makes them feel quite warm.

So, why do you overheat on a memory foam mattress and how can you cool down?


Why Your Memory Foam Mattress May Be Too Hot

Let’s unpick some of the main reasons.

Dense Structure

One of the reasons why you can get too hot is due to the dense structure of foam. Memory foam is a very dense substance so naturally it does not allow much air to pass through it.

This dense design has so many benefits including full body support and luxurious comfort.

However, if you feel too warm during the night, it could be the lack of ventilation which is to blame. Your built up body heat doesn’t have anywhere to go!

Improved Blood Circulation

Another cause of overheating is your improved blood circulation.

This is one of the many health benefits of a memory foam mattress, as the pressure relief and spinal alignment encourages healthier blood circulation, which in turn means you feel warmer.

Usually your body will adjust to this over time and after a few weeks you’ll be sleeping comfortably again.

Shouldn’t Memory Foam Improve Your Sleep?

What is interesting to note is that two of the biggest benefits when it comes to memory foam mattresses may be the very reason you find yourself overheating during the night.

As mentioned, it is very important to remember that this is something your body can take time to adjust and usually within a couple of weeks you will find your body doing a better job at regulating your temperature as you sleep with your memory foam mattress.
However, if you do find the quality of your sleep affected because of your body temperature rising in the night there are a number of steps you can take to ensure you get a full nights sleep and feel rested in the morning.


How to Keep Cool On Your Memory Foam Mattress 

If you suffer from getting too hot during the night and feel that a Memory Foam Mattress would not be suitable then there are some simple solutions that can allow you to experience and benefit from Memory Foam whilst being able to enjoy a cool night’s sleep:

Use a Lighter Duvet

Ideally, go for somewhere between 1 and 7 tog.

We get it, that tucked in, secure feeling that comes with a heavy duvet is hard to beat, however your current duvet could be a contributing factor to how hot you get during the night. Opting for a lightweight, breathable duvet can be a great solution if you find yourself overheating.

Wear Breathable Pyjamas

Cotton or linen is the preferred fabric.

Although we may not view our pyjamas as the coolest piece of attire in our wardrobe, with the importance of a good night's sleep being scientifically proven again and again, what we wear to bed grows in significance too. This is particularly the case if you find yourself getting too hot during the night and a more breathable pair of pyjamas can make all the difference.

Have a Cool Shower Before You Go to Sleep

Having a cool shower before you head off to bed is a very effective way of lowering your body’s temperature. Staying hydrated with cold water is also an effective solution throughout the night.

Freeze Your Pillowcase for a Couple of Hours Before Bed

This ‘hack’ is a speciality for those warm summer months when sleeping can become an all too difficult task and it can also be used when acclimatising to a memory foam mattress as well. A very simple solution, all you have to do is pop your pillowcase into the freezer and retrieve it before you head off to bed.

Keep a Wet or Damp Cloth Close By During the Night

Similar in nature to the pillowcase solution above, keeping a damp cloth on your bedside table or nearby while you sleep is an age-old remedy for cooling off during the night. Although the effects are temporary and may not last all night, it should cool you down enough to get back off to sleep.

Buy a Cool Mattress Cover

Cool mattress covers are made from ultra-breathable Coolmax fabric, which wicks away excess body heat and moisture before it has a chance to build up!

Is Your Memory Foam Mattress Too Hot? Maybe a Cool Mattress is for You

Yes! There is a cool memory foam mattress, and it sounds like it’s just what you need.

Thanks to advances in foam and fabric technology, memory foam mattresses don’t have to mean feeling too hot. Find out more about our cool memory foam mattresses, cool toppers and cool mattress covers. Until then, sleep well…

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