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How to Keep Cool in Bed This Summer: Top Tips

With summers getting hotter and hotter, working out how to keep cool in bed is becoming more of a challenge.

As experts in the sleeping department, we’ve got some tips on how to keep cool and comfortable all the way through til Autumn.

From the conventional to the downright unusual, here are our top tips for summer sleeping...



1. How to cool down a room fast: Get the air flowing

Unfortunately, most UK homes aren’t equipped with air conditioning. The best way to ensure that air is circulating in your room is to open your windows and doors. Even locking the window slightly open will allow fresh air to circulate.

If you have a loft or attic hatch (and you haven’t seen The Exorcist) then try opening this to allow the hot air to leave your room and rise through the hatch. After all, heat rises!

2. Invest in a fan

Another option is to sleep in front of an electric fan which will cool the air immediately around you. However, if you’re bothered by the noise this might not be the best route to go down.

Don't worry! There are plenty more solutions…

3. Freeze your pillow case

This may seem slightly OTT but it is a worthwhile technique if you’re really struggling with the temperature on hot summer nights. Stick your pillow case in the fridge or freezer for an hour or so before bed – it’s best to pop them in a bag or container to do so.


4. Freeze a Water Bottle

You can even stick a hot water bottle in the freezer for an extra icy sensation. 

To cool down your sheets, drape them while damp over an open window.


5. Or Freeze Your PJs!

You can also refrigerate or freeze your socks/pyjamas. Usually, we would say to avoid wearing socks in bed if you’re feeling too warm, but having cool feet can really help to lower your overall body temperature.


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6. Eat early

To help you fall asleep easy, it’s best to eat a lighter meal earlier in the evening.

If you eat too close to bedtime, your body will still be digesting your food when you get into bed. During the digestion process, your body temperature will be higher and your body will be working rather than resting. This makes it far more difficult to sleep.


7. Exercise earlier

If you go on a run an hour before bed, you're likely to continue feeling hot and sticky for a good while afterwards (especially when it's hot outside!)

Exercising in the morning or earlier in the day can help you sleep more soundly and won't mess with your body temperature.

8. Change your mattress cover

A great way of ensuring a cooler sleep is to make sure you are using a mattress cover that features cooling or temperature regulating properties.

As mentioned above, cotton is great, but you can also get more technologically advanced options that are proven to do a brilliant job.

Coolmax® is a breathable, fast drying, wick away fabric that disperses moisture for a cooler night’s sleep. A Coolmax cool memory foam mattress is ideal for those prone to overheating at night.

9. Use cotton linen

You can’t beat natural cotton sheets for keeping cool. Cotton pillow cases, bottom sheets, and duvet covers are all ideal for keeping cool during the summer months.

We British folk might be used to nice thick duvets, but if it gets hot enough, then swapping the duvet for a sheet can be a great idea that reduces sweat and heat build-up.

10. Wear light cotton nightwear

Cotton PJs are also great for promoting a comfortable night’s sleep. Choosing the right sleep attire can make all the difference when trying to sleep through the heat.

11. Take a cool shower or bath

A cold shower before bed is a fantastic way to bring down your core body temperature, allowing you to drift off to sleep feeling refreshed and peaceful.


12. Use Ice Cubes

If a cold bath appeal to you, try placing a cold wet flannel on your head or neck, or run cold water over your pressure points. You can even use ice cubes or an ice pack on your forehead or pulse points if you’re really feeling hot and bothered!


13. Sleep in Damp Clothing

Sleeping in a cold and slightly damp t-shirt is also an option during hot holidays.


14. Opt for a slatted bed frame

You may be surprised how much your choice of bed frame can affect your sleep. If you suffer from overheating at night, a slatted bed frame allows for greater air flow, keeping you cooler than a solid divan base.


Slatted bed frame


15. Upgrade to a bigger bed

Bed sharers will be well aware- two people in the bed equals double the heat! A king size or super king size mattress gives you that extra space to allow for more room between you and your sleeping partner.

If a larger bed isn't an option, try using separate bedding instead. 


16. Sleep on a cooling pillow

There’s nothing like that cold side of the pillow! One way to stay cool in bed is to invest in a cooling memory foam pillow.

The Essentials Cool Gel Core memory foam pillow features an inner chamber of cool gel foam that helps to regulate body heat. Alternatively, look for something in the 4G Aircool range which offers open-cell foam that helps to promote airflow. Our Coolmax pillow covers help to disperse excess heat and moisture and can be easily freshened up in the washing machine.


Cooling pillow

17. Change your mattress

Find yourself tossing and turning in the middle of the night?

Your mattress might be causing you to overheat. A memory foam mattress can help solve this, by promoting airflow and ensuring you stay cool and dry throughout. If your memory foam mattress is too hot, it might be because you don’t have the right type for your sleeping needs.

Find ways to make your memory foam mattress cooler here.

You never know when the next heat wave is going to hit the UK, so it’s best to be prepared!

Buy a mattress online and put restless sleep to bed.

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