How to make your memory foam mattress cooler

How to make your memory foam mattress cooler

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Some of us are prone to over-heating during the night, no matter what the season. It can be a frustrating problem – but don’t worry, it’s one that can be eased. Here are 4 ways to make your memory foam mattress cooler.

1. Change your mattress cover

A quick and easy solution is replacing your mattress cover with a temperature-regulating one, such as CoolMax or Outlast:

Outlast is a smart fabric which controls your body temperature and prevents fluctuations. It does this by storing excess body heat and then releasing it back to you when necessary. So with an Outlast mattress cover you can enjoy an optimal sleeping temperature all night long.

CoolMax is an ultra-breathable fabric which quickly wicks away excess heat and moisture built up around your body. By removing this heat and preventing unnecessary build up our CoolMax mattress covers ensure a cool and comfortable sleep.

2. Adapt your bedtime routine

  • Wear light, breathable pyjamas – and don’t wear socks
  • Freeze your pillow case for a few hours before bed
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and spicy foods close to bedtime
  • Drink plenty of water throughout the day
  • Avoid eating 2 to 3 hours before bed
  • Have a cool bath or shower before bed (although not too cold, as this will cause your body to react and heat up)
  • Buy a fan for your bedroom

3. Change Your Sheets

Look for bed sheets made from natural fibres such as cotton. These will feel cool against your skin and will allow your body to breathe. In contrast, synthetic fibres such as polyester will lock in the heat and trap moisture.

Some alternative options to 100% cotton are:

  • Percale – a cotton blend perfect for fans of stiff sheets
  • Sateen – a cheaper alternative to silk which feels remarkably similar
  • Bamboo – similar feel to cashmere, reacts well to temperature and eco-friendly
  • Jersey – which is made from 100% Egyptian cotton

A quick note on Egyptian cotton. It may be extremely desirable and luxurious, however a really high thread count is not very breathable. If Egyptian Cotton is the one that you want, then a thread count of 200-800 is a perfect compromise between luxury softness and breathability.

4. Be Prepared

If you do tend to wake up in the night feeling overly warm, be ready with some simple techniques so you can get back to sleep as soon as possible. For example, holding your wrists under cold running water provides instant cooling keeping a damp cloth next to your bed you can enjoy this relief without having to get out of bed.

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