4G Aircool Memory Foam: Cooling Mattress


How does a cooling mattress work?

The biggest culprit for heat retention in mattresses is poor breathability, which can be caused for many reasons, but usually by foam or springs that are too densely packed. 

A cooling memory foam mattress is specially designed to enhance the air circulation between the sleeper and surface and inner of the mattress, which allows for better regulation of body temperature during the night. 

The best temperature regulated mattress is generally one with a gel-infused feature, whether that be as an upper layer on the memory foam mattress or within the inner structure of the mattress. While the gel acts as a cooling mechanism to keep your body cool, it will also help to absorb and disperse any moisture that is present.

Are cooling memory foam mattresses worth it?

A poor night’s sleep harms your productivity and energy levels during the day, so you should make sure you sleep comfortably throughout the night. 

A memory foam mattress provides a firm and supportive base for sleepers, with long-term benefits on posture, stiff joints, aches and pains and beyond, but, due to the traditional density of most foam mattresses, some users often find them too hot. 

An air-cooled memory foam mattress offers all the comfort and support of a traditional mattress, but with an increased airflow of up to 95% for a cooler, more refreshed night’s sleep. 

So, if you are regularly tossing and turning or waking up due to sweating, now is the time to invest in a cool foam mattress - the best mattress for hot sleepers and night sweats.

Why choose the 4G Aircool memory foam mattress?

The best mattress for night sweats and cool sleeping is one that incorporates gel into its design, as well as having a breathable structure. 

The 4G range of sleep cool mattresses feature a eucalyptus-infused mattress cover that absorbs moisture, prevents bacteria formation and are sensitive to the skin thanks to its natural and sustainable properties. 

Whatever your preference of sleeping position and firmness level and whether you need a single, double or king-size cooling mattress or a cool foam orthopaedic mattress, the British-made 4G Aircool collection has something for everybody;

4G Aircool Ultra

The classic 4G Aircool Ultra Memory Foam Mattress boasts an innovative design in cooling memory foam technology, providing cooling and supportive comfort while you sleep.

4G Aircool Titan XL

The Titan XL Memory Foam Mattress from 4G is an extra deep luxurious mattress that provides bounce, comfort and the trademark cooling and breathable technology as seen in all of 4G’s cooling memory foam mattresses.

4G Aircool Pocket Sprung 

The Aircool Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress from 4G is a hybrid mattress that distributes body weight evenly, providing excellent levels of support for sleepers who need it the most. The comfort layer of cooling foam sits on a cleverly designed pocket spring base that still enables air circulation.

4G Aircool Pedic Deluxe

The medium firm Aircool Pedic Deluxe is 4G’s orthopaedic memory foam mattress for those who require the exceptional support of a traditional orthopaedic mattress for pain and pressure relief but with the additional cooling benefits of 4G Aircool’s advanced technology.

4G Aircool Mattress Reviews

We encourage past customers to leave detailed reviews on their purchases, giving you all the information and honest opinions that you need when choosing your cooling mattress. 

Check out our customer reviews to help you find the perfect product for your requirements.

Choosing your perfect cooling memory foam mattress is all down to personal preference, which is why Memory Foam Warehouse offers a FREE 100-night sleep trial period. This allows you to test out your new cooling mattress in your home environment, and if you’re not satisfied, we will exchange. 

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