What is the Best Mattress to Use on an Adjustable Bed?

What is the Best Mattress to Use on an Adjustable Bed?

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Best Mattress to use on an Adjustable Bed

Adjustable beds are a saving grace for people all over the world. The flexibility and support provides relief from a multitude of health conditions including back pain and asthma, and gives greater independence to people with limited mobility.

Which Mattress is Best for an Adjustable Bed?

The best mattress to use on an adjustable bed is a mattress with a castellated foam base. This means that the base foam layer has a network of grooves (or ‘castellations’) in it. Something which looks like this …

This design feature is typical of orthopedic mattresses. This is because the grooves help to create a mattress which provides optimal support for your upper and lower back. In this instance, the grooves soften the mattress in strategic places, which allows the mattress to fully support more tricky areas such as your lower back. In terms of an adjustable bed, however, a castellated foam mattress is best because it’s more flexible. The grooves in the base foam enable the mattress to bend and adjust more freely, with reduced strain on the foam. So with a castellated design, your mattress will last longer … and you’ll reap the rewards of a supportive orthopedic design too.

What Size Mattress Do I Buy?

Obviously with a single adjustable bed, one single mattress will do the job. However, if your adjustable bed is for 2 people and each half is separately adjustable, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that you’ll need 2 mattresses. The great thing about this is that both you and your partner can choose your perfect mattress for your half of the bed!

Your New Mattress

If you have any questions about adjustable beds or orthopedic mattresses, get in touch! We’ll happily explain the features and benefits of different mattress designs, and help you on your journey to finding the perfect memory foam mattress for you. 

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