Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattresses


What is a Pocket Spring Mattress?

These type of mattress contain individual springs, each contained within its own fabric pocket. This allows them to work independently, providing high levels of pressure support for your body as you sleep.

Who are They Good For?

Generally speaking, the more springs, the better.

There are some individuals who will benefit from these surfaces more than others.

Weight Differences

The individual springs are excellent at supporting each part of your body.

Therefore, if you and your partner have significant size differences, this is a perfect option. Both of you will find your weights supported individually.

This means that you won’t be able to feel the other person when moving around at night.

Stomach Sleepers

These type of beds usually come in medium to high firmness, which is good for stomach sleepers.

While the individual springs suit many people, those who sleep on their front need to ensure their bed isn’t too soft. You need to ensure your spine doesn’t bend at night, which may occur without adequate firmness.

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers will also find themselves adequately supported; each part of their body held independently. This should help reduce any pain you might suffer from.

What are the Benefits?

People often ask us; are pocket sprung mattresses the best? Pocket sprung mattresses offer a number of benefits, including:

Pressure point relief
Full body support
Spinal alignment
Tailored comfort
Reduced aches and pains

Rest assured - these create one of the best night’s sleep that money can buy.

A Closer Look at Our Pocket Sprung Mattresses

So, what do we have on offer for you to choose from? Each mattress found within our store has something unique and different, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.


Coolmax memory foam mattresses are specifically designed for those tired of overheating at night. The cooling technology allows for breathability, maintaining airflow while you sleep.

Not only that, but products within this range have many other exciting features, including a removable, machine washable cover and hypoallergenic materials.

Our Coolmax 1000 pocket sprung mattress has a layer of pressure-relieving memory foam.

Alternatively, you could choose our Coolmax 1500 luxury mattress. This differs slightly with its quad-layer design, offering irresistible levels of comfort. It’s one of the highest quality mattresses out there!


Zen luxury mattresses combine various levels of memory foam to create a hugely comfortable surface to sleep on.

Our Zen ergopedic pocket sprung mattress has been specifically designed for those with back pain. It features two layers of memory foam, merged with the spring base that delivers the best of both worlds.

We also have another temperature-sensitive Zen luxury quilted mattress, if this is more suited to your taste. It has a high number of pocket springs, delivering optimum levels of comfort.

Those on a budget can find high comfort levels at lower prices with our Zen 1000 pocket spring mattress.

4G Aircool

4G Aircool technology makes for one of the most innovative types of mattress out there. One of the main reasons it that it allows for 95% increased airflow, so say goodbye to sleepness nights due to overheating!

Our 4G Aircool 1500 pocket sprung mattress combines the fully supportive base with the cooling gel-infused memory foam. The result? A luxuriously comfortable surface to sleep on every night of the week. It has 1,500 springs, therefore it’s able to hold your bodyweight effortlessly, giving you the feeling of floating.


Few can rival the luxurious feeling of Komfi pocket memory foam mattresses. These are handmade masterpieces in the art of sleep, catering to a wide range of preferences.

Within this - we have many for you to choose from!

Our Komfi Fusion pocket mattress is expertly designed to bring you the very best night’s rest you can have. The foam technology is combined with springs - simulataneously reducing pressure and body heat.

Looking for an NHS-grade mattress? Our Komfi Med memory foam is hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and good for circulation.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for optimum luxury levels, we’ve found it. Our Komfi Harmony 1500 pocket sprung bed is made using only the highest-quality materials alone. It even features a memory foam infused cover! Thanks to its high density, this mattress is extra firm (while maintaining a soft feel) perfect for anyone with back pain.

What Sizes are Available?

These mattresses come in a range of sizes, including:

Small single
Small double
Double mattress
King size
Super king size

We’re confident that whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it here in one place!

Are Memory Foam Mattresses Better Than Pocket Sprung?

The answer to this all depends on your personal preferences and sleeping habits. A mattress buying guide can help you determine what would suit you and your taste.

A question we're often asked is are pocket sprung mattresses best? We believe you should have the best of both worlds. This is why every mattress found here is a pocket/hybrid. The classic combination of springs with the innovative touch of memory foam is an irresistible fusion, providing support and comfort at the highest levels.

Memory foam mattresses have gained huge popularity for good reason. They offer a number of health benefits, including stiffness relief and shock absorbance.

How to Make the Right Choice

If you’re struggling to choose the mattress for you, consider your individual preferences.

Look at the different factors such as:

Sleeping position
Partner’s size
Any medical conditions
Sleeping habits

Still finding it difficult? Contact one of our sleeping experts to talk through your options.

What Makes Us Different?

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we’re dedicated to helping you have a great night’s sleep every day of the week.

For this reason, we’ve put our consumer’s needs at the heart of what we do.

100 Night Trial

We know how personal sleep is - which is why it’s so important to get all the different elements right.

For this reason, we offer a 100 night trial mattress for our customers. If you find your product isn’t quite what you were hoping for, you can arrange a return or exchange.


We’re so confident you’ll be happy with your purchase, some of our mattresses come with a ten year warranty!

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