What is a Rolled Mattress?

What is rolled mattress

When you order your new mattress, you may be told that it will be delivered rolled. The majority of our mattresses are delivered this way – both memory foam and pocket sprung. So what exactly is a rolled mattress and why is it beneficial to have it delivered this way?

What is a Rolled Mattress?

A rolled mattress is exactly what it says on the tin. After we have made your mattress in our Yorkshire factory we use a special machine which compresses and rolls the mattress ready for delivery.

Our customers have been quite taken with the novelty of a rolled mattress, describing it as everything from a ‘bratwurst sausage’ to a ‘quaver’! And watching the mattress expand before your eyes is often a talking point too.

The Benefits

1. Your mattress is protected during transit: less surface area exposed and easier for our delivery men to handle!

2. Quicker and easier to move a rolled mattress to your bedroom – and you won’t scuff the wallpaper either

3. It can fit in your car! So if you live near our Yorkshire HQ in Wakefield, you can come and collect your new mattress without worrying if the boot will shut.

Does Rolling Cause Lasting Damage?

Absolutely not! Rolling involves compressing your mattress to approximately 25% of its original size – it’s not a vacuum process, so air is not sucked out. However it is important that you unroll your mattress no later than 1 month after taking delivery.

We use the very latest in rolling technology and machinery. If companies say that the process is damaging, it may be that they do not have the required machinery and so cannot recommend it without risk. The truth is, if the rolling process caused damaged to our mattresses then we would not use it.

If you’re still unsure about the rolling process or have any questions, give us a call! If you’re really not comfortable with your mattress being rolled, our team will simply arrange for flat delivery. Easy!

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