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Single Foam Mattress Size

Single mattress dimensions are 90 x 190cm or 3’0 x 6’4 (3ft single).

Special Features

Our 3ft/90cm single memory foam mattress range is made from the highest quality memory foam. This features a unique elasticity that moulds around the shape of your body. This malleable design means you benefit from complete body support, ensuring a comfortable and undisturbed sleep.

Some of the features you can find in our range include:

A Closer Look at Our Single Mattresses 

We have a wide range on offer for you to choose from, something for every budget, style and preference. To help you narrow down your selection, we’re shining a spotlight on some of our bestsellers.

Komfi Fusion Pocket Memory Foam Mattress

The Komfi Fusion mattress offers the best of both worlds. It combines the traditional spring mattress with a memory foam topped layer. This not only makes for a luxuriously comfortable night, it provides high levels of support, as each spring works individually. The entire Komfi memory foam range is known for its craftmanship, providing the very best comfort and finish. 

This makes it a great fit for those who need pressure relief, or who suffer with any aches and pains. Combined with the soft feel, this high density memory foam mattress is a must-have for those looking for a great night’s sleep. It also features a number of exciting special features. This includes a 10 year warranty, a removable cover and a triple layer design for maximum comfort. 

CoolMax Deluxe 

Our CoolMax Deluxe memory foam mattress has been specifically designed with temperature sensitivity in mind. This is perfect for those who overheat at night. CoolMax cooling mattresses are famous for their airflow, keeping you cool and dry throughout - even in summer. The entire range is also hypoallergenic and antibacterial, which is good news for any asthma or allergy suffers.

Combined with its temperature technology, it also comes with a washable cover and a 5 year warranty. The duo-layer design offers firm support, therefore it’s best suited to back or front sleepers. It scores well on price, longevity and performance all wrapped into one - making it a great choice for your bedroom!

Mattress in a Box

Our bed in a box comes carefully packaged and delivered right to your door! Part of the Zen memory foam range, it combines various layers ease joint pain and provide support throughout the night. It also boasts a soft feel, hypoallergenic materials and a 10 year warranty to give you peace of mind. 

All our mattresses in a box are manufactured in our Yorkshire store, therefore we offer factory-direct prices. This means you can save money compared to our competitors! This product also qualifies for free delivery - another way to help you keep the costs down. Our aim is to bring you value for money, without compromising on quality. 

Komfi Med Memory Foam Mattress

The Komfi Med mattress features NHS-grade memory foam, expertly crafted to relieve the symptoms of any ailments, aches or pains. Not only is it supportive, it also cools, promoting airflow and reacting to temperature while you sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic, which means it won’t aggravate the symptoms of any allergies you may have. Promoting circulation while you sleep, the micro quilted springs provide a hugely luxurious sleeping surface.

We’re confident you’ll be happy with this product and what it offers. So confident, in fact, it comes with a 10 year warranty. This is a masterpiece in craftmanship, coupled with a number of medical benefits. If you’re looking for a premium mattress, we’ve found it. 

Essentials Single Mattress

Our Essentials single reflex foam mattress is one of our most basic, offering comfort at affordable prices. Despite its price tag, we haven’t cut any corners, therefore this product still offers a luxurious night’s sleep. The poly knit cover creates softness, while it can be easily unzipped for easy removal and washing. It also offers firm support, which is great for stomach and back sleepers. 

Pocket Sprung Mattress Single

Our 4G Aircool pocket sprung mattress is a masterpiece, containing all the ingredients needed for a restful night’s sleep. The superb layer of support distributes your weight evenly, while the design of the base allows air to circulate easily. It also features eucalyptus infused fabric, which creates a luxuriously soft feel and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. The entire 4G Aircool memory foam range has been specifically designed to promote comfort, keeping you cool throughout the night. 

Alternative Sizes

We offer a diverse range of mattress sizes, including small, double and king. If you’re looking for something else, you can browse our wide range of options:

How to Choose a Single Memory Mattress

With so much on offer, it can be tough to narrow down your selection and find the right mattress for you. A mattress buying guide can help point you in the right direction! We’ve also taken a look at some of the factors you need to consider. 

Single Mattress Price

Budget should be one of your most important considerations when buying a mattress. Try to have a number in your head and stick to it. Remember, it is possible to blend luxury with a low price tag. Many people assume they have to go with the first option, such as an open coil mattress, in order to keep costs down. But, this isn’t the case! We’ve found the perfect balance of affordability, comfort and durability.

Those concerned with price can use a memory foam mattress topper as a cheap alternative. This provides comfort, helps protect your bed and creates a luxuriously soft feeling. 

Sleeping Position 

The firmness you choose should be dependent on your sleeping position. For example, side sleepers or those who move around a lot should look for something with a low to medium firmness.

Your Bed Frame

A bed frame plays a big role in providing comfort and offering your with a supportive base to sleep on. Ensure it helps promote airflow, while making sure the slats aren’t too far apart so it doesn’t sag.

Why Choose Us?

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we offer a number of benefits to our customers, including:

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