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Memory Foam Warehouse Joins Made In Britain

Have you heard the news? We’ve been added to the Made in Britain brand website! The Made in Britain collective mark unites the UK manufacturing sector to help consumers and buyers identify high quality products, made in Britain.

As a UK based company that makes all of our memory foam mattresses in our Yorkshire warehouse, we’re thrilled to make the cut.

Here’s what it means to buy Made in Britain products...

Who Is Made in Britain?

Made in Britain is an organisation that brings together British brands and manufacturers that produce high quality products in Great Britain.

From UK clothing manufacturers to British luxury goods, each member is granted permission to use the well-recognised Made in Britain label.

We’re proud to be one of three UK companies included in the ‘Home and Living - Bedroom’ section of the website.

Why Has Memory Foam Warehouse Been Included?

We were founded in 2001 to offer the best range of quality and affordable mattresses for all types of sleepers, and we’re committed to supporting British manufacturing.

Our mattresses are made in our Yorkshire factory and the majority of our materials are locally sourced;

  • Our foam is sourced from Lancashire
  • Our springs are from Yorkshire
  • Our fabric is supplied 50% from the UK and 50% from Belgium
  • Our mattresses and covers are assembled in our Yorkshire warehouse
  • All of our foam off-cuts go back into making crash mats for gyms and sports clubs

By keeping things local, our memory foam mattresses have a smaller carbon footprint than imported products, and we’re creating jobs in the Yorkshire area.

British Made Goods: Memory Foam

We stock over 100 products from a wide range of brands including;

Whether you’re a student looking for a budget friendly mattress, a busy parent looking for luxurious comfort, or over 60 and in need of orthopedic care, we’ve got a mattress to suit every sleeper.

Essentials Memory Foam Mattresses

For affordable memory foam, look no further. Whether it’s for your new student digs or the spare room, an Essentials memory foam mattress provides quality foam without the hefty price tag.

Here’s some of the features of the range;

  • Affordable
  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • 1-5 year warranties
  • Duo-layer designs
  • Poly-cotton covers for comfort
  • High levels of support

Essentials memory foam warehouse

Luxury Zen Mattresses

For busy professionals or parents, sinking into a luxury mattress at the end of the day is just what the doctor ordered. The Zen range of mattresses feature intelligent layers of memory foam to provide optimum comfort and support.

Here’s some more features from the range;

  • Coolmax covers
  • Mix of memory foam layers
  • Pocket sprung hybrids available
  • Bed in a box available

Zen memory foam mattress

Quality British Products: Memory Foam Safety

All of our memory foam mattresses have undergone stringent fire safety tests in alignment with the UK safety standards.

As British made mattresses, every component must be tested to UK fire safety standards to ensure each mattress is safe and suitable for use in your home.

Our procedure is three-fold;

  • Fabric mattress cover is tested to BS7175:1989
  • Foam interior is tested to BS5852: Part 2: 1982
  • Composite of the mattress is tested to BS7177

What Made in Britain Means To Us

We’re thrilled to be part of the Made in Britain collective.

Here’s what our Head of Ecommerce, Richard Hatfield had to say;

“We are delighted to receive the seal of approval from Made in Britain, especially as manufacturing products in the UK has been at the heart of our brand identity since 2001. By keeping the visibility of our materials, construction and workforce, we’re more confident in the products we provide.”


In addition to producing quality memory foam products, being Made in Britain also has sustainability implications;

“In an age where we are increasingly aware of the sustainability of everything we use, mattresses are no exception and we will continue to work towards sleep solutions which are kind to the environment and are sourced locally.” - Richard Hatfield, Head of Ecommerce

Long-Lasting Products

“Made in Britain is a fantastic concept and we are proud to be listed alongside like-minded businesses who believe in quality, well made products which are built to last.". - Richard Hatfield, Head of Ecommerce

Discover Our Mattress Range

Want to discover what a quality memory foam mattress could do for your sleep? Memory foam has a wide range of benefits including;

  • Optimum comfort and support
  • Pressure relief for joints
  • Back pain relief 
  • Healthy spine alignment
  • Hypoallergenic properties
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Movement absorbing

From kids’ mattresses to super king mattresses, we’ve got a sleep solution for everyone. Start browsing our memory foam mattresses today to find yours.

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