How to Stop a Toddler Falling Out of Bed

How to Stop a Toddler Falling Out of Bed: Bedtime Hack

When you first move your toddler from a cot or crib to a bed, they can seem very small again and the floor can suddenly seem a lot further away. Working out how to stop a toddler from falling out of bed can be a challenge.

A little one may not be accustomed to the freedoms of a bigger bed and they may have trouble learning not to roll out and onto the floor.

Try some of the steps below to see what works best for your family. Always consider your child’s safety when choosing a new bed as most children will roll out of bed at least once while they adjust to the new sleeping arrangement.


How to Keep a Child From Falling Out of Bed

Ensure transitioning to a ‘big kid bed’ goes smoothly with these tips...


Hack 1: Toddler Bed

Move your little one from a cot to a toddler bed. A toddler bed is a small bed designed to hold a crib mattress. The sides of the bed are slightly raised to keep them secure. Toddler beds are often painted with images of their favourite cartoon characters or made into the shape of a car or train, so are perfect for your little ones.


Hack 2: Toddler Bed Guards

Place your toddler in an adult-sized small single bed, single bed or twin size bed and attach a pair of bed rails. Some bed frames are sold with optional rails that you can fold down or remove when your child no longer needs them.

You can also now purchase smaller rails that will fit under the mattress of single beds and can be removed easily once your toddler has developed the ability to stay in their bed at night.


Hack 3: Bed bumper

Create a barrier that prevents your child from rolling out of bed. Try rolling up a long blanket or beach towel and tucking it under a separate sheet that you have laid over the mattress, this makes it a lot more difficult for your toddler to roll out.


Hack 4: Mattress on the Floor

If your child is struggling to stay in bed and you’re worried for their safety, you could ease the transition by first placing the mattress on the floor to avoid the risk of falls.

Explore some of the best mattresses for kids to find the best fit for your child.


Hack 5: Bed Against the Wall

Place your toddler’s bed against a wall or in the corner of their bedroom. This provides them with fewer chances of rolling off! You can always place a body pillow on the open side to keep young children secure.


Hack 6: Calming Bedtime Routine

Creating a relaxing bedroom routine for children can help them to fall asleep faster and sleep more calmly throughout the night. Try a warm bath, bedroom story and soothing lighting to get them down. Whatever works for you - as long as it’s consistent.


Hack 7: Choose a Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam gently moulds to their shape, providing a cushioning sleep surface that cradles them as they sleep. Opting for a comfortable kids memory foam mattress could help to stop them from tossing and turning and accidentally falling out of bed!.


Prevent Your Toddler from Rolling Out of Bed: Top Tip!

Bunk beds are not safe for toddlers and younger children even if you plan to keep them in the lower bunk. No child can resist using a set of bunks as gym equipment and most bunk-related accidents occur during playtime. Most parents wait until the youngest child is around 9 years old before putting up bunk beds.

Moving your child into a real bed can feel emotional. It’s hard to believe that your little baby is ready to sleep in a big bed! It feels like only 2 minutes ago that they were born! If you have any questions about the best mattresses for toddlers, get in touch.

All of our safe memory foam children’s mattresses are made in the UK to the highest safety standards, so you can rest easy that your little one is safe and sound during the night.

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