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10 Tips to Create a Perfect Bedtime Routine for Children

Getting the kids to bed of an evening is often easier said than done, and many parents will tell you that this particular part of the day is rather chaotic. Healthy sleep is incredibly important for children, so as much as they resist as soon as you mention the B-word, a good night’s sleep is essential for their growth and development.

However, with a little consistency, and a few tweaks, you can create a bedtime routine for children that runs smoothly and that (we hope!) may even give you a little spare time in the evening. Take a look at these top tips to a perfect children’s bedtime routine...


1: A Warm Bath

Most parents will tell you that a warm bath is a key aspect of their child’s bedtime routine. A soak in a warm bath can help ease sleep problems by getting them relaxed and calm in preparation for a good sleep.


2: No Screens Before Bed

Ensure that your child avoids any screens or electronic devices at least an hour before bed, such as watching TV or using tablets. Yes, letting them watch a couple of episodes of Peppa Pig on your phone is a quick way to keep them quiet during the day, but during the evenings those screens are little too stimulating for bedtime.


3: Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories are an excellent way to get your child ready for bed, and it’s a nice easy way for you both to spend a little quality time together. If your child is a little too old for bedtime stories, you could always cuddle up with them while they read to you (it’s a great opportunity to help your child learn new reading skills), or leave the room and give them some dedicated reading time by themselves before lights out.


 4: A Comfy Mattress

Does your child have trouble falling asleep? Getting the right mattress is important for encouraging healthy sleep for your child. Here at Memory Foam Warehouse we have a huge variety of baby and children’s mattresses, tailored especially for little ones. With a range of different features including hypoallergenic materials, washable covers and CoolMax fabric, they’re designed to ensure your child gets a great night’s sleep (and you too of course!).


5: Make Bedtime Fun

If you struggle to get your child even thinking about getting ready for bed, why not try making it a bit more exciting? Never underestimate the power of simple things like a new pair of pyjamas or a new set of bedding to get your child excited for bedtime! Alternatively, giving them options such as letting them choose a cuddly toy, quiet play, what book to read or what pyjamas to wear will help them feel more engaged in their bedtime routine.

6: Bedtime Room Temperature

Small things like the temperature of your child’s bedroom can affect whether or not they get a good night’s sleep. Ensure the room is well ventilated and not too hot or too cold. Our CoolKids Memory Foam Mattress is designed with breathable fabric to prevent overheating and ensure your child stays cool and dry throughout the night - particularly useful if your child often complains of being too hot.


7: Bedtime Lighting

Ensure you keep the lights in your child’s bedroom dim while they get ready for bed to promote healthy sleep. Many children are reluctant to sleep in total darkness, so a night light can be a good idea to help them feel safe after you say goodnight (and to make them stay in bed when you leave the room!).
8: Encourage Them to Use the Toilet

Especially in the case of young children, encouraging them to use the loo one last time before they fall asleep can help them sleep through the night. In particular, if your child is prone to bedwetting it can also be worth limiting their liquid intake before bedtime.


9: Bedtime Routine Chart

If you struggle to get your child to stick to their bedtime routine, a good way to encourage them is by rewarding them when they do stick to it. A bedtime routine chart is a great way to do this, rewarding them with stickers every night that they go to bed without any fuss. You can either buy these in the shops or there’s plenty of templates online that you can print off. Plus, you can even allow your child to choose the design they want to get them excited.


10: Keep it Consistent

Finally, the key to a good children’s bedtime routine is consistency! Find a routine that works and stick to it. Start it at the same time each night and try to do each aspect of it in the same order too. Naturally, different aspects of it will change over time as they get older, but keeping basic sleep habits like timings and the running order of your routine will ensure things run smoothly.

Getting that bedtime routine on track can be tricky to start out with, but remember, persistence pays off! While we can’t ensure your kids will go to bed without any drama, we can do our bit to encourage healthy sleep for your little ones with the help of our range of children’s mattresses.

Here at Memory Foam Warehouse, we have plenty of children’s memory foam mattresses designed to help them get the best night’s sleep, so not only will they benefit, you will too!

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Written by Amy Jackson - Content Writer at My Favourite Voucher Codes - 27th January 2020

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