How Does a Memory Foam Mattress Ease Joint Pain and Arthritis?

How Does a Memory Foam Mattress Ease Joint Pain and Arthritis?

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Memory Foam Mattress Eases Joint Pain and Arthritis

Lying awake at night with swollen and throbbing joints is torture – so thank goodness there’s a way to ease the pain. Memory foam mattresses soothe joint pain and arthritis by relieving pressure, easing swelling and keeping you cool too. Read on to find out more – this could be the relief you’ve been looking for.

Real Life Stories

“I have arthritis in all my major joints and when I used to wake up on my old spring style mattress I’d be in agony, literally. My nights were restless, painful and miserable. Now I sleep all night and wake up without feeling like I’ve been run over by a bus! For anyone with joint problems get a memory foam mattress! It’s just heaven!” – Louise

“I can’t believe I waited so long to get a memory foam mattress – I LOVE it! And my bones love it too – for the first time in years I’ve been able to sleep comfortably without being woken by joint pain if I stayed in the same position too long. Thank you!” – Fiona

Top 4 Ways a Memory Foam Mattress Can Ease Joint Pain & Arthritis

1. Full Body Support & Pressure-Relief

The support your receive from a traditional sprung mattress is inconsistent. Your shoulders and hips take the brunt of the pressure, pressing down uncomfortably on your mattress – while your lower back is in mid-air and your legs are unsupported. This is what makes it so uncomfortable for joint pain and arthritis sufferers.

Your spine is correctly aligned, easing back pain and stiffness

High pressure areas such as your hips and shoulders enjoy extra cushioning, as the foam moulds to your contours

Every part of your body is supported by the contouring foam including your lower back, legs and ankles

Joint pain is eased, as the foam relieves pressure and makes you feel weightless

Tossing and turning reduced by up to 80%, dramatically reducing nighttime strain on your joints

With full body support comes full relaxation, allowing muscles and joints to relax and rejuvenate

2. Healthy Blood Circulation

This is one of the major reasons that memory foam is used in medical facilities. With pressure relief and healthy posture comes improved blood circulation. This offers incredible relief from joint pain and arthritis, as improved blood circulation means reduced swelling. In addition, healthy circulation reduces the risk of bed sores which is a great benefit if you have to spend a lot of time in bed or are recovering from an operation.

3. Cooling

If you often wake up feeling too hot and suffer from increased swelling, chaffing and general discomfort as a result then take a look at these cool memory foam mattresses. With a cool mattress, you can enjoy all the soothing benefits of memory foam whilst maintaining a cool and comfortable temperature:

4G Aircool Mattresses are made from innovative 4G Aircool Memory Foam. This foam has gel particles within it which release a cooling sensation when you lie down, keeping you cool and dry throughout the night. 

Coolmax Mattresses have a luxurious memory foam interior and a cool fabric cover. Coolmax fabric is ultra-breathable, and wicks away excess body heat and moisture before it builds up around you. 

It’s no mere coincidence that memory foam is so popular in the medical sector. The unique pressure-relieving properties make it ideal for easing joint pain, arthritis and many other conditions too. If you’d like some more help finding a memory foam mattress to ease joint pain, get in touch! Our Mattress Factory in Yorkshire, UK is a major manufacturer of medical mattresses, so we know what we’re talking about. Click here to see our contact details.


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