The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Find Your Fit

The Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Find Your Fit

Do you tend to sleep on your side? You’re not alone. With most adults sleeping on their side, it’s one of the most popular sleeping positions in the UK!

But how do you know if you’re sleeping on the right mattress for you? The way you’re positioned throughout the night can have a big impact on your quality of sleep as well as your spine health. That’s why it’s so important to find a fully supportive mattress that meets your needs.

From mattress firmness to motion transfer, we’re exploring the different types of mattresses and their benefits to help you find the right mattress for you.

So, let's find the best mattress for side sleepers and start your journey towards perfect sleep.

Is it Good to Sleep on Your Side?

Firstly, let’s look at the pros and cons of sleeping on your side and what it means for your health and spine alignment.

Did you know, sleeping on your left side is better for your body!? Here are some of the health benefits of sleeping on your left side;

  • It helps to prevent snoring
  • It helps to clear your lymph nodes
  • It can improve digestion
  • It can prevent heartburn
  • It can improve circulation
  • It encourages healthy spine alignment
  • It can reduce sleep apnoea by opening your airways
  • It is the most comfortable sleeping position for pregnant women


Unfortunately, like most good things, side sleeping has its drawbacks;

  • It can produce numbness in one arm
  • Sleeping on your side puts pressure on your shoulders
  • It can also put pressure on your hips 

However, most of these issues can be resolved with the right mattress.



What Type of Side Sleeper Are You?

Within the side sleeper profile there are several different positions. Usually side sleeping refers to one of the following positions;

The Log Position

You favour the log position if you sleep on your side with a straight back and arms and legs extended. This position is better for spine alignment but can cause shoulder discomfort.

The Foetal Position

The foetal position is a common sleeping style, especially among women. This is when you curl into a ball when sleeping on your side. This position elongates the spine; however, it can put pressure on your lungs if you sleep tightly curled.

The Yearner Position

This is a variant of the log position, the difference being that your arms are extended out in front of you.

However you sleep, there’s a mattress out there for you.

How Firm Should a Mattress be for a Side Sleeper?

The ideal mattress firmness for side sleepers is medium to medium-soft. This is because firmer mattresses can be uncomfortable on pressure points such as hips, ankles and shoulders if you stay in one position throughout the night.

A softer, yet supportive mattress cushions these areas while helping to retain good spinal alignment.

Your Weight

When choosing your next mattress, you need to consider your weight when determining the perfect firmness for you. Usually, the heavier you are, the firmer your mattress will need to be to provide optimum support.

The firmness of your mattress does depend on individual preference, but you can follow these loose guidelines;

  • Under 10 stone- soft
  • Between 10-16 stone- medium
  • Over 6 stone - firm 

Mattress Depth and Density for Side Sleepers

Mattresses come in a range of depths which change the feel and comfort level of the mattress. The deeper the mattress, the more you can experience that ‘sinking’ feeling. The ideal mattress depth for you will be dependent on your weight and sleeping position.

Therefore, a medium to deep depth would suit a side sleeper.

For memory foam mattresses, density refers to the quality of memory foam used. The denser the foam, the more supportive it is.

Which Type of Mattress is Best for Side Sleepers?

Now we’ve explored what to look for in a mattress, it’s time to turn our attention to some different types of mattresses and find out which ones work best for side sleepers.

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is ideal for side sleepers thanks to its soft, yet supportive cushioning and support. Memory foam moulds to the shape of your body in contact with pressure and heat to ensure your spine lays flat along the bed and is properly aligned.

By spreading your body weight evenly, memory foam layers can ease pressure on hips and joints, allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long.

Innerspring Mattress

Innerspring mattresses are supportive and breathable. However, some spring mattresses can feel uncomfortable for side sleepers as the springs put pressure on shoulders and hips when lying down for extended periods.

Pocket Sprung Mattress

Pocket spring mattresses are more suitable for side sleepers as they provide targeted support through individual pocketed coils. This is helpful when sharing a bed with someone of a different weight as you can both be supported independently.

Is a Hybrid Mattress Good for Side Sleepers?

A hybrid mattress could be the key to the perfect night’s sleep for side sleepers. By combining the support and breathability of a spring base with a cushioning memory foam top layer, side sleepers can experience the best of both worlds.

Image of a Memory Foam Warehouse mattress on a made bed

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers UK

Now we’ve looked at some of the different types of mattresses available, let’s turn to the best mattresses to suit different sleepers.

Best Affordable Mattress for Side Sleepers

On a tight budget? A quality memory foam mattress could still be in reach!

The Essentials range of memory foam mattresses are excellent for side sleepers as the reflex foam base provides support while the upper layers of memory foam relieve pressure.

With a removable, hypoallergenic cover and seriously low prices, an Essentials mattress will suit any side sleeper looking for a bargain.

Best Soft Mattress for Side Sleepers

If you prefer a soft feel to your mattress, go for something with a deep layer of memory foam. A mattress with a 7cm layer of memory foam or above will make you feel like you’re floating on a cloud.


Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Back Pain

Back pain can cause havoc with our sleep, leading to long-term insomnia and other health issues.

Sleeping on your side on a firm mattress can put your spine out of its natural alignment. To eliminate aches and pains each morning, a cushioning memory foam mattress could help.

Memory foam is designed to relieve pressure by distributing your body weight evenly. Choosing a memory foam mattress with 7cm foam or above can help back pain sufferers sleep easy.

Best Mattress for Side Sleepers with Lower Back Pain

If you suffer from severe back pain or concentrated pain in the lower back, you may need an orthopedic mattress. This type of mattress is designed to relieve lower back pain through strategically placed grooves.

The Zen Orthopedic Pocket Memory Foam mattress is ideal for side sleepers with back pain thanks to its luxurious orthopedic design, layers of high density foam and pocket springs.

Best Mattress for Combination Sleepers

If you toss and turn in your sleep, a hybrid mattress could be for you. For those who find themselves in different positions throughout the night, you’ll need a hard working mattress that provides targeted support.

With a hybrid mattress, a pocket spring base can offer the support needed for back and stomach sleepers, while a memory foam top layer protects pressure points. A great all-rounder whatever your sleeping style.

Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers

If you find yourself getting hot and sweaty during the night, your mattress could be the culprit. If you’re a hot sleeper, opt for a memory foam mattress with innovative open-cell foam which helps to keep you cool and wick away excess moisture.

The 4G Aircool Ultra employs the latest in mattress technology to improve airflow by 95%. This cooling technology, alongside a grooved layer of orthopedic foam and a soothing eucalyptus cover provides the ultimate in cool comfort.

Still not sure which mattress to choose? Take advantage of our 100 night sleep trial, and if you’re not completely happy with your chosen mattress after the trial period, we’ll happily exchange it!


4G Aircool

The Best Mattress Topper for Side Sleepers

Adding a memory foam mattress topper is an affordable way of giving your mattress a luxury feel by providing an extra layer of comfort and support.

Essentials Mattress Topper

This memory foam topper is a great choice for those on a budget. Ideal for students, spare bedrooms and rented accommodation. With the essentials range you get quality and affordability in equal measures.

Available in 5cm, 7.5 cm and 10cm memory foam.

CoolMax Memory Foam Topper

If you awake in the night due to overheating, this mattress topper is for you. With cooling technology and breathable fibres, you’re guaranteed a restful sleep.

Available in 5cm and 7.5cm foam.

Zen Cooltop Mattress Topper

The Zen Cooltop range combines cooling technology with luxurious comfort- perfect for side sleepers looking for that extra cushioning.

This topper is available in 5cm and 7.5cm memory foam.

4G AirCool Topper

If you sleep hot and struggle with excess heat and moisture throughout the night, the 4G aircool topper could be the solution. This premium mattress topper contains innovative, open-cell memory foam to increase air flow and keep you cool. It also comes with a Coolmax washable cover to keep things fresh.

Available in 5cm foam.




What is the Best Pillow for Side Sleepers?

When you sleep on your side, it’s important to support your head and neck to maintain the natural alignment of your spine. A memory foam pillow offers superior comfort and support for side sleepers.

Contour Memory Foam Pillows

A contour memory foam pillow provides orthopedic support, aligning your spine and easing neck and back pain.


Sleep Easy with Memory Foam Warehouse

Now you’re equipped with the know-how you need, it’s time to find the perfect memory foam mattress for you.

From a bed in a box to supportive orthopedic foam, we’ve got something to suit your sleeping style.

As one of the most long-standing online mattress retailers in the UK, we know a thing or two about mattresses. Check out our online mattress buying guide or get in contact with our friendly customer service team if you have more questions.

Ready to transform your sleep? Browse our wide collection of memory foam mattresses today.

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