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What Is A Mattress Cover And Why Do I Need One?

A mattress cover is an essential item of bed linen – yet because it’s not visible, many people forget about it completely.

We explore the benefits of using a memory foam mattress cover and why you need one for the best sleeping experience...


What Does a Mattress Cover Do?

A bed cover is really useful because:

  • It protects your mattress and extends its lifespan
  • It’s machine washable, so you can keep your mattress fresh and hygienic
  • It can help keep you cool
  • It can help protect your mattress against bed bugs and dust mites
  • It can add an extra layer of comfort and support

Coolmax mattress cover on bed

Why Use a Mattress Cover?

1) Most mattress warranties don’t cover spillages and other accidental damages. So a cover is a really good way to protect your mattress from such happenings.

2) Mattress covers are easy to wash. All you need to do is remove it and throw it in the washing machine. Try to get into the routine of washing your cover when you wash your bedding. This will help you to keep your whole bed feeling clean and fresh.

It’s useful to have a spare in the cupboard so you don’t have to wait for the washed one to dry.

3) If you often feel too warm during the night, our Coolmax Mattress Cover can help keep you cool and comfortable. Coolmax fabric is ultra-breathable, so it wicks away body heat and moisture before it has a chance to build up.

4) A cover is a much cheaper alternative to buying a new mattress or memory foam mattress topper if you’re on a budget. Memory foam mattress covers are thicker than a standard mattress protector and offer an extra layer of cushioning.


Do I Need to Use a Mattress Cover on a New Mattress?

Yes, a cover should be used on all mattresses regardless of whether the mattress is new or not. All of our mattresses come complete with a washable cover as standard – but it’s always useful to have a spare in the cupboard for when you’re doing the laundry.


How Long Will a Mattress Cover Last?

We recommend replacing your mattress cover annually. To help prolong its lifespan, try to get into a regular laundry routine as mentioned above.


Can you use a mattress cover on a memory foam mattress?

Yes, there’s nothing stopping you from using a cover on a memory foam mattress. In fact, it will help protect the surface.


What should I look for when buying a mattress cover?

Don’t forget to think about:


Size is an important factor when choosing the right bed cover. Do you have a single, double, king size or super king size mattress? The cover should correspond to common mattress sizes, but always be sure to check the dimensions.

Choose from:

  • Mattress cover single
  • Mattress cover double
  • Mattress cover king size
  • Mattress cover super king size


You should also consider materials. Do you need an anti-allergy cover or cooling fibres for a good night’s sleep?

Memory foam is a hypoallergenic material, meaning it’s suitable for allergy sufferers and provides a barrier against dust and mites.


For those who suffer from back or joint pain, a slightly thicker cover may help to give you that extra little support needed.

Price and Quality

Make sure you stick to your budget - our most affordable cover comes in at an impressive £39.99. Providing with you high quality memory foam at a factory-direct price.


What Is The Best Mattress Cover?

We have a range of covers to suit all types of sleepers.

Our Classicpedic mattress cover is perfect for those looking for relief from back pain. This thick 23cm memory foam cover is especially designed for enhanced spinal support.

The Coolmax quilted mattress cover not only helps to regulate body temperature for a cool sleep - the quilted surface also has a soft, luxurious feel. This zipped mattress cover is easy to remove and wash.

If you have any more questions about covers or general memory foam maintenance, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.


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