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Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews by Uni Students & Parents

The kids are back from uni and they look like they haven’t slept since September. The constant partying and all-night study shifts are taking their toll, and the ancient mattresses in university halls are no help either. But there is a solution!

Read these memory foam mattress topper reviews from students and their parents to find out how to transform lumpy into luxurious.

While you can’t stop them partying like total nutters, you can make sure they’ve got a comfortable and supportive place to rest. Check out what these uni students and their parents have to say about life with a memory foam mattress topper!

Affordable Memory Foam On a Budget

For this student, a memory foam topper is a must-have item for uni life;

“Having moved into university accommodation and adopted a very uncomfortable bed, I purchased (well my mum did) a memory foam mattress topper and I can honestly say it transformed my bed – now it’s a comfortable paradise. My friends, having tested mine, have purchased too! Student finances are tight, but a topper is a definite must.”

Memory foam has a reputation for being hard on the wallet. However, it’s perfectly possible to find quality foam, whatever your price range.

Our Essentials range of memory foam provides a more affordable alternative, without compromising on comfort or support.

Quick and Easy Deliveries

Once you’ve found the right topper, you need to get it delivered. Luckily for this mum, delivery with Memory Foam Warehouse was a breeze;

“Fast delivery and a great product. Ordered for my son’s university room as the mattresses at university seem to be quite lumpy! Very happy.”

Quality memory foam products plus speedy delivery equals happy customers!

We make all of our memory foam mattress toppers in our Yorkshire factory, and deliver them compressed and rolled so you can easily squeeze them in the car. During the summer break, you can store it in a cupboard ready for the next student digs – and if you choose one with a washable cover you can freshen it up in the washing machine too.

Find out about our mattress delivery options to help get a great night’s sleep as soon as possible.

Perfect Comfort and Support

There’s not much worse than an uncomfortable mattress, especially when you’ve got an exam in the morning. This student’s memory foam topper saved the day;

“Arrived at my university accommodation to find a medieval torture device in place of a mattress. Spent the next few nights attempting to sleep on top of a sheepskin to counteract the metal springs which were trying to make friends with the vertebrae of my spine. After a good few sleepless nights I resolved that something must be done.

I searched the internet and found this website from which I ordered my memory foam mattress topper. Problem solved! Incredibly comfy, counteracted the overly friendly springs and many fantastic nights of sleep have been had since. Highly recommend.”

Student accommodation isn’t famed for its luxury. The good news is that memory foam can help ease those aches and pains, significantly increasing comfort levels for those post-night-out lie-ins. An extra layer of memory foam provides extra comfort for firmer mattresses, reducing joint pain for side sleepers and softening pressure points.

Quality Memory Foam Toppers

Quality doesn’t have to cost the earth, as this parent discovered when they ordered a quality memory foam topper from us;

“We ordered a topper as our daughter had gone into student accommodation and the bed was hard. We were off to see her the following weekend, so we ordered it, and it arrived as promised on time to take to her. The topper is perfect to keep her comfortable, and we’re very impressed with both quality of products and delivery.”

Enjoy Great Sleep Night After Night

Students have a reputation for long lie-ins. And why wouldn’t you when your bed is this comfortable;

“Being a student means sleeping on spring loaded beds (ouch). Couple that with insomnia and you’re asking for a grumpy student! But since buying the topper I don’t want to leave my bed! We’re now best friends and we’re living happily ever after.”


The Best Memory Foam Mattress Toppers for University Students

We have 3 ranges of memory foam mattress topper for you to choose from, with prices starting at just £49.99:


Coolmax Mattress Toppers

Coolmax mattress toppers are made from high density foam and an ultra-breathable fabric cover which keeps you cool and dry during the night – plus it’s washable.

Here’s what else you can expect;

  • Provides a cooling, comfort layer for firm mattresses
  • Removable, machine washable cover
  • Hypoallergenic and dust mite prevention
  • 1 year warranty

    4G Aircool Mattress Toppers

    4G Aircool toppers are great for hot sleepers, with a cooling cover and memory foam which releases a cooling sensation when you lie down.

    Here’s what you get with 4G Aircool;

    • Helps regulate body temperature
    • Hypoallergenic
    • Made in the UK
    • 1 year warranty 

    Essentials Mattress Toppers

    Essentials mattress toppers are our budget range which come without a cover, offering a great compromise between comfort and value.

    Here’s what else;

    • Affordable
    • Ranging from 5-10cm memory foam depth
    • Available in single to super king
    • Hypoallergenic
    • 1 year warranty 

    Are you or your almost-adult heading to university soon? If you’re preparing for the upcoming academic term, buy a memory foam mattress topper and help your sleepy student get some decent shut eye when they head to uni. They’ll thank you – and they’ll look a lot healthier for it too.

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