Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Beds

Memory Foam Dog Beds

With an estimated 8 million dogs in the UK, it’s no surprise that there is a range of Memory Foam Dog Beds now available. Our dogs are our best friends, and so it’s important that we choose the best bed so that they can have somewhere comfy and welcoming to snuggle up on!

Health Benefits of a Memory Foam Dog Bed

Dogs can suffer from many muscular and skeletal ailments as they get older, just like humans. While there isn’t much we can do to stop the onset of common illnesses such as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia, we can provide a supportive and comfortable place for our dogs to rest. Memory Foam Dog Beds do just this and more:

  • Supports their joints and muscles
  • Relieves pressure around heavier areas such as hips, knees and elbows
  • Additional warmth and cushioning
  • No pressure sores, so perfect for post-operation recovery
  • Washable cover, for hygiene

Customer Reviews

“Brilliant for our chocolate Labrador. I also bought a waterproof cover to go with it. Honestly these dogs are more spoilt than us!” 

“Just love sleeping on these during the winter months… what more to say? Two very happy Border Collies thank you very much” 

“My dog thinks I am the best mummy ever! Whilst she is a young dog – age 4 – she has had both her elbows operated on in the past. I was prompted to buy the pad due to reviews of others saying how much their dogs loved it. Well I unpacked it and placed it on her bed to cut to size and she won’t get off! Warm and cosy too! This might give the rest of the family a bit more room on the sofa!!” 

Meet Honey, the Rescue Dog

Memory Foam Dog Beds / Memory Foam Warehouse

This is Honey; she’s a rescue dog at German Shepherd Rescue South. We donated a large tartan memory foam dog bed to Honey after a plea from the rescue centre. Honey has just had an operation as she has bad Hygromas on both her elbows and the vet advised a memory foam dog bed to help her feel more comfortable. We were delighted to be able to help Honey out, and wish her a good recovery from the operation – and we hope she will find a new home soon too.

It's not just dogs that need a cosy place to rest their head! Browse our collection of memory foam mattresses to find the right one for you. 



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