Cool Britannia - stay cool as the weather heats up

Cool Britannia - stay cool as the weather heats up

We’re heading towards Jubilee June, so stay cool when the mercury starts to climb with our award-winning range of British-made memory foam mattresses.

With the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations set for a long 4 day holiday next month, who knows it could be a flaming June. Or it might of course be cold and wet, but with summer fast approaching there will be days, and nights, when you need a respite from the heat.


Making Mattresses in Britain for 40 years.

For the past 40 years we’ve been making memory foam mattresses from our factories here in West Yorkshire, and we’re immensely proud to be British. We’re also enormously proud of our wide range of mattresses, toppers and pillows, designed for all types of budgets and lifestyles.


Which? Best Buy memory foam mattresses

The great thing about memory foam is that we can be innovative with it. Take our Coolmax Hybrid Mattress, for instance, which has been given a Which? Best Buy award for its feature-packed comfort. This is a mattress that not only has a cool tech removable Coolmax cover and graphite-infused memory foam to regulate your temperature, but also has a supportive pocket sprung layer that evenly distributes weight. At the moment it’s a super-attractive investment in a cool night’s sleep as it’s down from £759 to £379 for the double (a massive saving of £380), while a single mattress is reduced to half price at £299.


Mattresses to keep you cool

Looking to stay cool for even less? Then a cooler night’s sleep is even more affordable with our Coolmax Classic Memory Foam range with mattresses that feature a luxurious layer of memory foam on a supportive reflex foam base. A great mattress for occasional use, such as in guest bedrooms, its 3cm foam layer is perfect for side and back sleepers, and it’s . However, if you’re a side sleeper and want something with a bit more depth, then check out our Superior Memory Foam mattress. With a luxurious deep 20cm foam layer, this is the perfect solution for side sleepers who want support to ease joint pain and soothe pressure points, while also doing a cracking job of keeping you cool.

For some people overheating in bed is a year-round problem, so why not take a look at our range of 4G Aircool memory foam cooling mattresses which come with a 100-night trial. Designed to provide up to 95% increased airflow, the unique open cell structure of these mattresses is designed to create a breathable pathway for the heat to pass through. The foam used in these mattresses also reacts far more quickly - which means you cool down quicker.


Save up to 50% off memory foam mattresses

Right now there’s 50% savings to be had with a double 4G Aircool pocket sprung memory foam mattress reduced from £1,199 to £599. With a removable washable cover and eucalyptus-infused fabric, this feature-packed mattress also comes with a 10 year warranty.


Tips to stay cool in bed

Stay cool and have a right royal sleep on our cool-tech British-made mattresses. Look out for an special extra 10% Jubilee discount on selected mattresses, toppers and pillows. And don’t forget, there’s some simple but effective ways to stay cool:

Use cotton and linen on your bedding rather than synthetics

  • Eat a light evening meal, and as early as you can
  • Exercise earlier in the day rather than just before bed, as your body will still be trying to cool down
  • Put your pillow in the fridge for an hour (ideally in a plastic cover first)

Check out these and many other great tips on how to keep cool in bed this summer.

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