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IKEA Mattress Sizes: The Memory Foam Mattress Size Guide

Bought an IKEA bed frame and looking for a memory foam mattress to complete your bedroom? Before you get started, there’s one thing to bear in mind…

If you’re a fan of flat-pack furniture, you’ve probably realised that IKEA mattress sizes aren’t the same as UK bed standards. As a large international retailer, IKEA mattresses aren’t solely designed for UK customers. So, true to its Swedish roots, IKEA mattresses are made to European standards – resulting in slightly different mattress sizes.

To ease the confusion, we’ve created a guide including all the IKEA mattress dimensions and their Memory Foam Warehouse mattress equivalents. This way you can find the perfect memory foam mattress for your IKEA bed base.


IKEA mattress sizes chart

We’ve created a simple way of comparing IKEA and Memory Foam Warehouse mattresses at a glance.

Memory foam mattress sizes

IKEA mattress sizes explained

Some of the IKEA mattress sizes comply with UK standards;

IKEA single mattress

A single IKEA bed base is the right size to fit a UK Memory Foam Warehouse mattress.

IKEA double mattress

A double memory foam mattress from Memory Foam Warehouse will fit an IKEA double bed frame.

IKEA king size mattress

An IKEA king size bed or EU king size bed is the same as a Memory Foam Warehouse king size mattress.

 IKEA super king mattress

An IKEA super king or Euro king is equal to a UK super king mattress.


However, IKEA also stocks Euro sizes including Euro single, Euro double and Euro king. They don’t stock small double mattress sizes or small double beds.


Now you’ve got the basics covered, let’s talk more about Euro sizes and what they mean.


Euro Mattress Sizes

Due to the popularity of IKEA furniture, many retailers now stock Euro sizes, as well as the traditional UK, sized beds and mattresses. At Memory Foam Warehouse, we’ve chosen to keep things simple by offering just one Euro size (the Euro King in IKEA talk). However other retailers might have a different system of measurements and terms.


The Memory Foam Warehouse Euro King is 200 cm in length and 160 cm in width, making it slightly wider than a standard King.


What’s so good about Euro sizes?

If you struggle to find a sleeping mattress enough for your frame, a Euro size could be for you.


Euro Singles and Euro Doubles are 200 cm long - that’s 10 cm longer than UK Singles and Doubles. This could be the perfect solution for a taller person, or if you have a long bedroom design. It’s also a great option for growing families who are often joined by little ones in the night!


Or, if you’re short on space but don’t want to compromise on comfort, a Euro size mattress is a handy halfway point between the King and Super King sizes. At 160 cm wide, the Euro King is roomy enough for two without overwhelming a room. The Memory Foam Warehouse Euro King could be the perfect space solution for your bedroom!


Why is mattress size so important?

Finding the perfect mattress fit for you is important for many reasons;


  • If your mattress is too small, your bed will be uncomfortable to sleep on, especially if you’re sharing with a partner! A poor night’s sleep can cause unnecessary stress and impact your health in the long-term
  • A smaller mattress on a larger bed frame can feel unstable and will affect the appearance of your bed
  • If your mattress is too big it is more likely to get damaged and will probably need replacing long before you expected
  • A mattress that is too big can also interfere with the support, comfort and health benefits that a memory foam mattress brings


How to choose the right mattress size for you

Finding the right size mattress for you could be the key to transforming your sleep.


Follow these tips to find the ideal mattress size for your body;

Mattress Length

For a great night’s sleep, your body should fit comfortably within the mattress, with approximately 30 cm extra length to spare. If your feet hang off the edge of your mattress it’s time to size up!

Mattress Width

Most of us move around in our sleep, turning from side to side throughout the night so you need to be able to move comfortably. If you share a bed, we recommend going up a size so you can really stretch out!

Mattress Firmness

The firmness of your mattress should depend on your size, weight and personal sleeping preference. For example, a person of medium build will usually be most comfortable sleeping on a medium-firm mattress.

Favourite Sleeping Positions

If you’re a back sleeper or front sleeper, you may not need any extra space. However, if you tend to sleep in a star shape or move a lot throughout the night, it might be worth pumping for a double or king size memory foam mattress.


Looking for Something Special?

Own a caravan or have bunk beds? Then you might need a custom mattress.


At Memory Foam Warehouse, we offer a made to measure mattress service for memory foam mattresses and products. From antique bed frames to unusual shapes, we have experience creating reasonably priced products to fit all types of sleeping spaces.


Get in contact to find out how we could make your bespoke mattress ideas a reality. You design it, we make it, it’s as simple as that!


Why Choose Memory Foam?

The differences between pocket sprung mattresses and memory foam are wide-ranging.


Here are some of the benefits of memory foam;


  • Memory foam has unrivalled benefits when it comes to targeted support. The foam moulds to the contours of your body, resulting in personalised comfort and support.
  • For those who suffer from joint pain, memory foam is soft on pressure points.
  • Lumbar support eases back pain and muscle aches.
  • The movement absorbing quality of memory foam is ideal for sharing a bed with a fidgety partner or little one!
  • A quality memory foam mattress lasts up to 15 years!
  • Memory foam is hypoallergenic, allowing allergy sufferers to get a restful night’s sleep.

Still not sure? Why not take advantage of our 100-night trial? Try out one of our memory foam mattresses for yourself, and if it’s not for you we’ll happily exchange it!


Find the right fit with memory foam warehouse

Once you’ve determined the mattress size you need for your new bed base, it’s time to choose the perfect memory foam mattress and memory foam mattress topper for your needs.


Here at Memory Foam Warehouse, we offer an efficient delivery service and a price match guarantee to help you get the best deal possible.


With hundreds of styles to choose from, we’re confident we have something in our collection for you, no matter your budget or requirements. From our breathable 4G Aircool range to our luxurious Zen memory foam range, start searching for your mattress today to discover your best night’s sleep yet.

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