What is the best bed base for a memory foam mattress?

What is the best bed base for a memory foam mattress?

When buying a new memory foam mattress, it’s important to check that your bed base is suitable. Broken or poorly ventilated bed bases may interfere with the design of your mattress, damage your sleep, and reduce the lifespan of your new purchase. So what are the best bed frames for the job?

The Best Bed Base For A Memory Foam Mattress

Our memory foam mattresses can be partnered with almost any kind of bed base and bed frames – providing that it is in good condition. Slatted, Solid, Ottoman and Divan bases are all suitable choices as long as they are sturdy and well-ventilated.

The Best Bed Base for a Pocket Spring Memory Foam Mattress

It’s the same story really – any bed base is fit for use with a pocket spring memory foam mattress, if it is in good condition and can fully support the mattress. Slatted, Solid, Ottoman and Divan bases are all great choices. Just make sure that your bed base is ventilated, so that your mattress can air itself naturally.

Is Your Existing Bed Base Suitable?

If your bed frame exhibits any of the following, you should consider buying a new one:

  • Broken or damaged slats
  • Broken or damaged central supports
  • Poorly ventilated (particularly true of budget divan bases)

Slatted Base: The Benefits

Slatted bed bases allow for maximum airflow which means your mattress can breathe, naturally ventilating itself and maintaining a clean and hygienic space. Therefore you’ll benefit from cooler and more comfortable sleeping conditions, as moisture is naturally removed, reducing the risk of damp and mould.

Divan Bases: Things To Check

Sufficient ventilation is thing to be aware of when pairing a divan base with a memory foam mattress. Good quality divans will have ventilation holes built in to allow for air to flow freely around the mattress. However, this might not the case with cheap poor quality bed frames and is definitely worth checking.

Lack of airflow around your memory foam mattress could result in moisture building up – and in the worst case scenario, mould.


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