Mum’s the word. How to sleep better during pregnancy.

Mum’s the word. How to sleep better during pregnancy.

Tired and feeling like you need some good old R&R? We know how you feel. Sleep deprivation is inevitable when it comes to being a parent of a newborn, however, many of us don’t realise that sleep disturbance actually starts way before the baby arrives. Just when you need it the most, due to hormonal fluctuations and other body changes, sleep can become increasingly elusive.

Research shows that 100% of pregnant women experience frequent night-time awakenings with insomnia and poor sleep quality being the key causes of increased daytime fatigue.

With this in mind, here’s a few of our top tips to help overcome some of those frequent awakenings and allow you to get more shut eye


Top tips to improve sleep during pregnancy. 


  • Get moving - light exercise such as a brisk walk or prenatal yoga not only improves your overall mood but can also help keep nighttime leg cramps at bay, helping you get the most restful nights sleep possible.
  • Cut the caffeine - try and limit caffeine intake in the afternoon and evening (or just restrict it to the morning) as this can have a knock-on effect and make it difficult to get a good night's rest.
  • Eat smart. Drink smart - heartburn is one of the biggest gripes that affects pregnant women which in turn can cause a restless night. You may be eating for two but graze rather than gorge, and taper off the food intake well before bed.
  • Sleep right - Sleeping on your back, especially in the third trimester can compress the vena cava (this is the vein that carries the blood supply to all the parts of your body) which in turn disrupts the blood flow to your baby leaving you feeling dizzy, short of breath and nauseous. Laying on your left hand side is the recommended sleeping position to improve blood flow.
  • Choose the right mattress - The great thing about a memory foam mattress is that it’s made up of polymer polyurethane, which is ideal for side sleepers as it increases comfort at night as the foam adapts to the contours of your body, giving a supportive cocoon feeling. In addition to this, it can also help to relieve pressure points and ease back ache.
  • Stock up on pillows - If you’re spending many nights tossing and turning, not being able to get comfortable, the right pillows will make a huge difference when pregnant. Memory foam pillows aren’t just suitable for your head and neck but by placing them between your knees and behind your back, they can help to support your growing bump and alleviate pressure.


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