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How to Stop a Memory Foam Mattress Topper From Sliding

Although a topper can help to create a comfortable and supportive sleep surface, there’s nothing worse than getting woken up by an unruly mattress topper slipping and sliding. A wayward topper and bunched up sheets are enough to make even the calmest sleeper toss and turn.

To solve your sleep dilemmas, our experts are here with tips and tricks on how to stop a memory foam mattress topper from sliding.

Before we get stuck in, there are several factors that may be causing your topper to slide...


Why Does My Mattress Topper Slide?

If your mattress topper is shifting throughout the night, the following factors may be to blame...

  • The mattress cover is too smooth
  • You don’t have a headboard or footboard to your bed
  • Your topper is the wrong size for your bed
  • Your bed frame is unstable or the wrong size
  • Your mattress is old and worn
  • The topper is of poor quality
  • You toss and turn a lot at night

If one or more of these reasons sound familiar, the good news is there are ways to fix it.


How Do You Fix a Sliding Mattress Topper?

Luckily, there are lots of quick fixes that can stop your topper from sliding, and most of them are simple and straightforward.

Use Mattress Topper Straps or Sheet Suspenders

Sheet straps for mattress toppers are stretchy lengths of material that reach around your mattress to stop slippage and bunching. By keeping everything nice and tucked in, your topper will remain secure on your mattress.

Another option is to try sheet suspenders. These are similar to straps with the addition of a clip. The stretchy bands run along the edges of the mattress and can be used to clip the corners of your sheets tightly together to prevent movement.

Mattress Topper Holders

Mattress topper holder is the general name given to an array of different product used to prevent slippage. This includes straps, suspenders and bed clips or fasteners.

The best type of holder for you will depend on the type of mattress you have and what you find easiest to use.

Try a Tightly Fitted Sheet

Something as simple as a tightly fitted sheet can do wonders to prevent your memory foam topper from shifting.

Not only are fitted sheets easier to make the bed with, but the elasticated edge can also help to hold everything in place and add extra grip. Look for a deep sheet that can fit around your mattress and topper and always make sure you buy the corresponding size for your mattress.

A standard flat sheet can also help if tucked in tightly enough, but can come loose more easily throughout the night- especially if you toss and turn!

Add Duct Tape, Velcro Tape or Carpet Tape

If you move a lot during the night and a fitted sheet doesn’t quite cut it, there are more permanent hacks you can try.

  • Stitch or stick Velcro tape along the edges of your topper and mattress to secure them together
  • Carpet tape can have a similar effect. Tape the edges and corners with this dual-sided tape to fasten the two surfaces together
  • Duct tape is a strong adhesive that can also be used to keep them stuck together 

Avoid using spray adhesive as this could mark or damage your mattress.

Secure the Topper with Safety Pins

A quick fix is to use safety pins to secure your topper to your bed. Use 5-10 large pins distributed evenly on each side of the bed and try to only pierce the mattress and topper covers.

This is a good budget-friendly option but take care not to damage your mattress. If you own an expensive mattress it’s probably best investing in a higher quality bed topper that doesn’t slip.

Rubber Matting & Non-Skid Mats for Mattress Toppers

One easy way to stop sliding is to add a non-slip mat between your mattress and topper. These mats are usually made from textured rubber to increase friction and prevent sliding.

Clean Your Mattress Topper Regularly

Dust and crumbs from eating in bed can sometimes get stuck between your mattress and topper, making it extra slippy. By regularly cleaning your bed, you can avoid this build-up and create a healthy sleeping environment

Use a hoover detachment to clear away crumbs from the mattress surface and wash your mattress and topper covers regularly.

Find more tips in our mattress cleaning guide.

Choose the Right Bed Frame

An ill-fitting or unstable bed frame can cause unwanted shifting. If your bed frame is much larger than the mattress and topper, the extra space between the frame and memory foam can cause extra movement.

If you have a divan style bed frame without a header or footer, the topper will be less secure and more lightly to slip forward and backwards.

If your bed frame itself is unstable and slips on the floor, this can add to the slipping and sliding. Try adding a rug underneath your bed or investing in a sturdy bed frame.

Use a Cotton Cover

A smooth and silky mattress cover may sound appealing, but it might be what’s causing your foam topper to slip and slide. A cotton blend memory foam mattress cover creates more friction and grip than some other man-made fibres.

Invest in a Non-Slip Mattress Topper

The best way to prevent sliding is to start with a quality memory foam topper that’s designed to fit on a wide range of beds.

Upgrade Your Mattress

If your mattress is old, worn and losing its original shape, it could be causing your topper to shift. Although a topper can go a long way in creating a softer and more cushioning sleep surface, it isn’t a substitute for a supportive mattress.

Dips and sags can exacerbate sliding, so if your mattress is well past it’s best, you may have to invest in a new memory foam mattress.


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Memory Foam Mattress Topper FAQs

We answer common questions about memory foam toppers.

Do Mattress Toppers Stay in Place?

A quality memory foam topper should stay in place, as long as the conditions are right. For example, it is the correct size for the mattress and bed frame, it has a textured cover and the mattress is not too old.

How Long Should You Keep a Foam Mattress Topper?

A quality foam topper can last anywhere between 3-5 years depending on the density of the foam and how well it’s maintained. Extend the lifespan of your topper by regularly rotating head to foot, washing the covers and airing.

Do You Put a Fitted Sheet Over a Mattress Topper?

Placing a fitted sheet over your mattress and topper can help to secure it in space. However, you will need to find a deep sheet to accommodate this. Using a flat sheet can also work, it just depends on personal preference.

Do You Put a Mattress Pad Over A Memory Foam Topper?

A mattress pad can offer an extra layer of protection for your mattress, whilst adding cushioning to your sleep surface. However, with a good quality mattress topper and cover, you shouldn’t need both.

How to Keep Mattress Pad from Bunching?

To prevent mattress pads from bunching, similar rules apply. Ensure the pad is the correct size and try securing with bands or clips. You can also find non-slip mattress pads made from textured materials.


Find Your Perfect Memory Foam Mattress Topper

If none of the above tips have worked, it may be that your mattress topper is of poor quality and not up to the job.

For a secure and comfortable sleep environment, our range of toppers feature;

  • Hypoallergenic materials
  • Machine washable covers
  • Supportive memory foam layers
  • Cooling fibres
  • Superior pressure relief
  • Affordable foam
  • Available in sizes single to super king

Browse our full range of memory foam mattress toppers to find the right fit for you.


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