Common sleep positions and what it says about you

Common sleep positions and what it says about you

Believe it or not, the position you sleep in can say a lot about your personality. Curled up, sprawled out, side sleeping, back sleeping, there’s a number of factors that can play a part in how you sleep. However, have you ever wondered what your sleeping position says about you as a person? Let’s take a closer look…

It’s no surprise that we spend almost a third of our lives asleep. That aside, as long as we feel well rested and get those hours in, we may not pay too much attention to how we actually sleep. Sleep psychologists and experts for many years have studied the connection between sleeping position and personality traits. Their research reveals that whilst children spend equal amounts of time in all three sleeping positions (side, front, back), as people age and adulthood sets in, people usually have a favoured position.

Side sleepers

If you’re a side-sleeper, you’re known to be a calm, reliable social butterfly. You’re a go-getter and highly adaptable, regardless of the situation. You always look for the silver lining in everything. Side sleeping is not only the most opted position by many, but it also offers lots of benefits such as reduced snoring and a potential reduction in back pain and pressure points. What's more, this is also the optimal position during pregnancy as it can improve blood flow and circulation.

We manufacture and offer memory foam mattresses which are ideal for side sleepers. You can choose from 5cm, 7cm and even 8cm of memory foam depending on how firm or soft you like your bed. Our recommendation is that side sleepers should choose a soft to medium mattress for optimal support for pressure points and to avoid innerspring mattresses which could poke into your shoulders and hips.

Our ClassicPedic Ultra Memory Foam Mattress is suitable for side sleepers and features an extra deep memory foam layer for ultimate pressure relief. With its high-density orthopaedic memory foam, medium soft support and triple-layer design, you’re ensured an invigorating and pain free night's sleep.

Back Sleepers

The second most popular sleeping position. If you’re a back sleeper you’re characterised as enjoying being the centre of attention. You have a strong personality and set high expectations for yourself. You seek connections with like-minded individuals but also enjoy your own company and work meticulously to achieve your goals. Back sleepers can enjoy full-body support and it even reduces the risk of wrinkles. The only downside? Sleeping on your back can exacerbate snoring, which might become problematic for your partner.

Back sleepers have the luxury of being able to choose from a variety of mattresses to accommodate their comfort needs but our advice is that a medium to medium-firm mattress is most suitable. For back sleepers we recommend the Coolmax Hybrid. The most innovative mattress in the Coolmax range is ideal for back sleepers who enjoy that all encompassing ‘sinking in’ feeling. With graphite infused memory foam, this sumptuous mattress features a supportive pocket sprung layer that evenly distributes bodyweight and has also been rated a Which? Best Buy.

Front sleepers

Of all sleep positions, stomach sleeping is the least popular and by older adulthood, very few people sleep on their stomachs primarily due to a lack of flexibility. Front-sleepers are highly-spirited, problem solving individuals. You’re likely to be effective at leading or offering guidance to others and will often find the middle ground in any extremities, however, you may be mistaken as rude or cold sometimes but your heart is in the right place.

The bad news is, stomach sleeping puts pressure on the spine, which can lead to increased back and neck pain upon waking. If you are a front-sleeper we recommend sleeping with no pillow or, if needs must, a very slim pillow.

When it comes to choosing the right mattress, medium to firm mattresses are best for stomach sleepers because they keep your spine in a neutral alignment, preventing it from sagging into the bed. That said, if your mattress is too firm it may feel uncomfortable and won’t allow your spine to rest naturally.

Our Coolmax Superior Luxury Memory Foam Mattress features a deep, 7cm layer of memory foam and a luxury quilted cover for extra comfort. What makes it ideal for stomach sleepers is its medium support and support core of reflex foam. These layers of high-density foam provide sleepers with the best spinal support, moulding to the needs of each individual sleeper.

The bottom line

That’s it folks, we’ve taken a look at what your sleeping position says about your personality traits and offered some suggestions on the best mattresses for all sleeping positions but the bottom line is, your comfort and mattress preference is as individual as you are. Still on the hunt for that new mattress and ready to say goodbye to your current one?

Check out our full range of mattresses where there is something to suit everyone, regardless of the position you sleep in.

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