3 Common Dreams and What They Mean

3 Common Dreams and What They Mean

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3 Common Dreams and What They Mean: Flying, Food and Babies

Dreams are a pretty crazy thing. So it’s no wonder they have us baffled at some point in our lives. Was it a warning? Or was it just something you ate? Read on to find out the meaning behind 3 common dreams, and what they might be reflecting about your life.

What Causes Dreams?

There are said to be two common causes for dream to occur: Physical Surroundings and External Circumstances.

1. Your Physical Surroundings will most likely be your bedroom. If you’re hanging/ falling out of bed, you might have a dream where you are falling. Sounds can also be influential – have you ever heard your alarm clock in your dream or thought that a family member shouted your name?

2. External Circumstances relate to things that are going on in your personal life such as a career change, reaching a life milestone or the loss of a loved one.

3 Common Dreams and What They Mean

1. Flying

Different to falling which represents insecurity, flying in a dream represents how much control we feel we have in our lives. However just flying doesn’t mean that we have full control, if you are a bad flyer then this shows that there are areas of your life in which you feel you need to gain control.

2. Babies

Don’t worry, dreaming of a baby or babies doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re broody. Dreaming of little ones represents are new beginning, this may be in relation to a new job, a new idea or the potential for promotion in an area of our lives.

3. Food

Some of us despise dreaming of food because it means that we wake up starving! However dreaming of food can symbolise good things in our lives such as energy, knowledge and nourishment. Ever wondered where the term ‘food for thought’ came from? 

Other reasons we may be dreaming of food include success, opportunities and forbidden pleasure – saucy! If you find that you often dream of one or a set of foods in general then take a look at this in depth guide into the meaning behind dreaming of specific foods.

It’s important to remember that dreams often don’t mean anything at all, and aren’t something to worry about. It’s said that we only remember 10% of our dreams when we wake up, so a repetitive dream might actually be one of many that you’ve had during the night.

However if you find that you’re having the same dream night after night, try writing it down in a dream journal or talking to a friend. This might help to settle any worries in your mind.

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