Does Dreaming mean Good Sleep?

Does Dreaming mean Good Sleep?

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Dreams are fascinating things – perhaps even more so because of our limited understanding. But do they mean good sleep? And now we come to it, what indicates that we’ve had a bad sleep?

Does Dreaming Mean Good Sleep?

Yes, dreams are typically indicative of a good night’s sleep. They show that you have passed through the light sleeping phase (NREM) and entered into a deep sleep (REM). Experiencing both of these sleep phases is great, as it allows the body to perform the whole range of nighttime functions from tissue repair to memory consolidation.

Dream Facts

It is thought that everyone dreams, even those who have no recollection of dreaming.

A dream is defined as a series of events or images that happen in your mind when you are asleep.

People over the age of 10 dream at least 4 to 6 times each night. Those under the age of 10 are still thought to dream, just less frequently

Regardless whether a person has seen before, or whether they have been blind from birth, blind people also experience dreams. Those who were born without sight appear to have exclusively auditory dreams, while those who have had some experience of sight tend to have visual dreams. Watch this video, or follow The Tommy Edison Experience on YouTube for more information about how blind people dream and experience day-to-day life

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What is Bad Sleep?

Perhaps ‘bad sleep’ is a bit extreme, but there are certainly unhealthy ways to rest:

Drinking too much caffeine late on in the day

Hitting the snooze button (click here to find out why)

Sleeping on an unsupportive mattress which disturbs your slumber

Napping close to bed time – try to stick to early afternoon if you do fancy a siesta

Making up for your ‘sleep debt’ by having a monster weekend lie in

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If you have any more questions about good sleep, bad sleep, mattresses or anything else sleep related, get in touch! We’re here 7 days a week, waiting to help you. Click here to see our contact details. Until then, sleep well.

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