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Our Single Foam Mattress Topper Range

To help you get a better idea of what you’re looking at, let’s delve into the finer details of our mattress protectors. Each one has been specifically designed for a single bed, manufactured in our Yorkshire factory by our sleep experts. 

Essentials Foam Toppers

This range is ideal for those looking for an extra layer of comfortable memory foam for their bed, without breaking the bank. All budgets are welcome here! The Essentials 10cm mattress topper is not only anti-allergy, but it comes with a one-year warranty also. It feels luxurious to touch, and even better to sleep on every night. 

5cm Memory Foam Mattress Topper Single

If you’re looking for different depths, we also offer an Essentials 5cm memory foam topper and an Essentials 7.5cm mattress topper. We’ve found items in this range are also well-suited to guest bedrooms, rented homes or student accommodation. They have certain features that are universally appreciated by many!

Zen Kooltop Memory Foam Toppers Single

If you’re prone to overheating at night and feeling uncomfortable as a result, our 5cm Zen Kooltop mattress topper is for you. It boasts innovative cooling technology that helps remove moisture and prevent you from feeling hot. What’s more, it has a machine washable, removable topper cover to help keep it protected. This helps ensure it lasts as long as possible. 

If you need a variation on depth, we also offer a 7.5cm Zen Kooltop memory foam topper. This offers many of the same features but is 20kg heavier. If you’re tired of feeling uncomfortable hot at night, this is the range for you. 

Coolmax Mattress Toppers

With its hypoallergenic materials and cooling technology, our Coolmax 5cm mattress topper helps prevent dust mites. What’s more, it has a highly luxurious feel to help create a good night’s sleep. This product is hugely popular with those prone to overheating at night. We also have a Coolmax 7.5cm topper for those looking for a different depth. 

4G Aircool Foam Topper

If you’re looking for the ultimate sleeping experience and innovative design - we’ve found it. Our 4G Aircool mattress topper has been manufactured to help create the best possible rest. Hypoallergenic with a washable cover, everything you need for a good night’s sleep is wrapped up into one. It has been specifically designed by our sleep experts - with your needs in mind.

Zen Kooltop Memory Foam Toppers

Wicking away moisture and reacting to your body temperature while you sleep, our 7.5cm Zen Kooltop foam topper is a masterpiece. It has all the necessary features, including a removable cover for protection, and is hypoallergenic. We also have a 5cm Kooltop memory foam topper should you be looking for something a little different. 

How to Choose Your Single Mattress Topper

If you’re still struggling to narrow it down and make your selection, examine your individual habits. Sleep is a very personal experience, so you need to look at what you want. From budget to sleeping position, there are a number of different factors to weigh up to help you make your decision.

You should also look at where this topper is going to be used, and how often. Density plays a role in the firmness and feel of your product, so you should ensure you look into this as well.

Why Do You Need a Single Bed Memory Foam Mattress Topper? 

Toppers offer a number of benefits, regardless of how you sleep or your particular preferences.

A Layer of Comfort

If you have a single memory foam mattress, a topper can be hugely complementary. It can transform your bed into a haven of luxury, ensuring airflow is maintained and you receive high levels of comfort. If not, a memory foam mattress topper is an affordable alternative. You can benefit from many of the features for a much cheaper price. 

Bear in mind that if your mattress is sagging, lumpy or damaged, a topper won’t necessarily help this. If this is the case, you may need an update. You also need to ensure that your bed frame is adequately supportive, for example having evenly-spaced slats. Otherwise, you risk your mattress sagging even more. 

Health Benefits

Memory foam itself is the perfect material for sleeping on. It is highly beneficial for both health and wellbeing, featuring everything from neck and spine alignment to pressure point relief. It also offers features such as dust mite resistance. This makes it perfect for those with a range of ailments, including arthritis or allergies. 


If that wasn’t enough, a topper can help protect your existing mattress. For many of us, a memory foam mattress is an investment we want to last a long time. Ensuring it’s looked after properly is one of the most important things you can do. Not many of us own a waterproof mattress, therefore it’s vital to keep yours safe from stains and spillages. 

Alternative Memory Foam Topper Sizes

If you’re looking for something a little different, we offer many other sizes, from single to double to super king. These include:

Why Choose Our Single Bed Mattress Toppers?

We’re confident you’ll be happy with our single bed toppers and what they offer. We’ve made it our mission to bring our customers both high-quality and value for money. This is why we offer the following: 

Price Match Promise

At Memory Foam Warehouse, we want you to sleep soundly in the knowledge that you’re getting the best deals out there. This is why we offer a mattress price match promise across many of our products. This means that if you find something similar for a cheaper price, we’ll match it. We’re dedicated to our mission to ensure you get value for money!

Everything in One Place

Looking for something else to help complete your sleeping space? We also offer memory foam pillows, the perfect complement to a mattress protector. These help keep your neck and spine aligned while ensuring high comfort levels at all times. Pair your topper in single size with one of these for the ultimate comfort experience. 

Free Delivery

Orders over £99 qualify for free delivery, just another way we offer our customers value for money. 

Customer Service

Our sleep experts are on hand to help you find your fit and discuss your options. Contact us for more details and information should you need to. 

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Decided it’s time to change your mattress? This is a vital step in ensuring you get the sleep you deserve, as you’ll need a supportive and comfortable surface.

In our store, you can find something in every size and style. If you’re someone who overheats at night or you’re looking for a hybrid design - we’ve got you covered. We’ve made it our mission to ensure you find quality and variety at affordable prices.

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