Double Memory Foam Mattress Topper


Features of Our Double Mattress Toppers

Our double bed toppers have a number of exciting features, designed to help you get the best possible night’s sleep. All are manufactured in our Yorkshire factory - keeping your needs in mind.

Some of the features you can find in our collection include:

Why Do You Need a Mattress Topper?

A topper provides a number of different benefits. The first is that they’re an extra layer of comfort, providing a luxuriously soft surface for you to sleep on. The foam itself keeps your head and spine aligned, while simultaneously creating a feeling of luxury. If you have a double memory foam mattress, one of these can be hugely complementary. 

What’s more, they also make an affordable alternative to a memory foam mattress. They give you many of the benefits, while on a budget. It’s the perfect blend of comfort and affordability. Also, similarly to a mattress protector, they can help protect your mattress from spillages and stains - ensuring it’s long-lasting. For many of us, the surface we sleep on is an investment, so looking after it is a must. 

While it can increase the comfort levels of a slightly worn or existing mattress, it’s not always a cure for every problem. Bear in mind that if your current mattress is sagging, lumpy or damaged in a serious way, a topper won’t be able to create the feeling of comfort you’re looking for. These are tell-tale signs that it’s time for a change. Sleeping on an inadequate surface will cause you to wake up with aches and pains over a period of time. If you’re looking for something new, buy a mattress online and put restless nights to bed.

Double Bed Memory Foam Mattress Toppers In Our Range

Struggling to pick the right option for you? Unsure what you’re looking for? Let’s shine a spotlight on some of our bestsellers to help you narrow down your selection. We detail what each one offers and what makes it a good fit. 

Essentials Double Memory Foam Toppers

Comfortable and supportive, our Essentials 5cm foam topper comes with a value-for-money price tag. It has all the benefits of some of the more expensive versions, perfect for those on a budget. For example, it features a one-year warranty and hypoallergenic materials. We’ve made it our mission to bring our customers affordable products - without making any compromises when it comes to quality. 

This layer of added comfort is also perfect for guest bedrooms, those in rented homes or student accommodation. Its medium density is great for helping you wake up without any aches or pains, which is partly what makes memory foam so popular. We find the firmness is best for side or back sleepers, however, it’s universally liked. 

If you’re looking for something a little different, we also have an Essentials 7.5cm foam topper and an Essentials 10cm memory foam topper for you to choose from. These offer similar features, just varying depths. 

Coolmax Bed Mattress Toppers

If you’re tired of overheating at night, you need bedding that will help promote airflow and keep you cool. The Coolmax 5cm foam topper does exactly that. Its innovative cooling technology helps you get a restful sleep, every night of the week. Not only that - but it also offers a removable, washable cover and it’s hypoallergenic. We’re so confident you’ll be happy with this product, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

We also offer a Coolmax 7.5cm memory foam topper for you to choose from also. This is 20kg heavier than the product mentioned above, featuring very high-density memory foam. It offers many of the same features, however. It’s perfect for those who want to add a layer of comfort, combined with increased airflow.

Zen Bed Toppers

Our 7.5cm Zen Kooltop topper has been specifically designed to create the ultimate sleeping experience. It has found the perfect balance of luxury and cooling technology: everything you need for a great night’s sleep. It’s also hypoallergenic and has a washable cover.

If you’re looking for something lighter, our 5cm Zen Kooltop mattress topper has the same features, but is 20kg under the product above. We have something for everyone, regardless of taste, budget or preference.

4G Aircool Memory Foam Toppers

Our 4G Aircool memory foam mattress topper is one of the most innovative designs money can buy. The fabric itself removes excess heat and moisture while you sleep, ensuring you don’t get too hot. Along with its 5cm foam depth, it also has a removable cover for extra protection. We’re confident this product will have everything you’re looking for - all wrapped up in one.

Alternative Sizes 

It’s always handy to know your alternatives, just in case your circumstances change or you need something else. We have a number of other sizes for you to choose from, including:

How to Use One

We’ll deliver your topper straight to your door, so all you need to do is unpackage it and place it underneath your base sheet. 

It’s vital you use them properly to ensure you get the benefits. We also find they’re a great match with a memory foam pillow, as this creates a truly luxurious night’s rest.  

Why Choose Our Memory Foam Toppers?

Our high-quality mattress toppers have been specifically designed and developed with your needs in mind. Not only that, we offer our customers a number of exciting extras, including:

Price Match Promise

Many of our products in our online store come with a mattress price match promise. This means that if you find a cheaper, similar alternative, we’ll match it. We always ensure you can find the best deals out there. 

Free Delivery

Orders over £99 qualify for free UK delivery, just another way we offer value for money!

Customer Service

Should you need to, you can contact us to discuss your options and get advice. Our sleep experts are always on hand with their guidance. 

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We have something for everyone - whatever your sleep preferences and budget. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for here or you need something else, we’ve got you covered. 

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