Give your bedroom a spring makeover on a budget

With spring on its way, now is traditionally the time to give your home a spring clean and a makeover. A calming bedroom, and a decent bed, is a year round investment in your health and well-being, which is why it makes sense to give it the time and attention...

How to sleep well with a cold

Getting a good night’s rest can prove to be a challenge when you’re full of cold but we’ve compiled a few top tips on how to combat seasonal snuffles and improve your quality of sleep!

How do I get my kids to go to sleep?

Our top bedtime tips without tears include clever tips such as taking away phones, tablets and screens, avoiding high sugar snacks and sweets before bed, and settling down to a good bedtime story.

Our January Sale Now On!

December is almost over, we’re all stuffed to the brim with Christmas food and drink and we’re rapidly hurtling towards 2023, but before we bid goodbye to another year, did you know our New Year sale has arrived? So, why not beat the rush, bag yourself a bargain and start...

Save the planet while you sleep

When it comes to protecting the planet, why not start with a memory foam mattress. For starters, they're fully recyclable but, there's a bunch of other positives too. We've been working on a whole range of innovations to make our mattresses as green as possible so, let's delve in and...

Never fear, our Black Friday Sale is here!

How did that happen? It’s that time of the year all over again. Black Friday is just around the corner and with Christmas looming, now is the perfect time to grab a pre-Christmas bargain.