Elevate Your Sleep: The Benefits of Adjustable Mattresses for Customised Comfort

Elevate Your Sleep: The Benefits of Adjustable Mattresses for Customised Comfort

Already sleeping pretty well? Great! But what if we told you it might be possible to sleep even better? What if we said that you could adjust your comfort level each night, for the best possible rest?

If you’re ready to take your sleep to the next level, keep reading. We’ll walk you through the many advantages of adjustable mattresses, explaining how they provide a personalised level of comfort. 

What is an adjustable mattress?

When we talk about adjustable mattresses, we’re referring to any mattress that is suitable for an adjustable bed frame; a frame that features a series of hinges and other mechanisms that allow for the bed to be moved into different positions. For example, it may be possible to raise the head end of the bed so that you can sleep in a more upright position, or raise the foot end of the bed to elevate the legs and improve systems of swelling. Adjustable beds are often used for orthopaedic purposes. 

An adjustable mattress, therefore, is one that can be used on such a frame. We discuss this in much more detail in our guide to the best mattresses to use on an adjustable bed, but essentially there are two types of adjustable mattress. There are purpose-designed adjustable mattresses intended to bend with the frame, and high-quality memory foam mattresses which can be adjusted to the correct position. 

What’s so great about adjustable mattresses?

It’s all in the name. 

The obvious benefit of adjustable mattresses is just that; they’re adjustable. You’re able to alter the position of your mattress, quickly and easily, to best suit your individual sleeping needs. Essentially, adjustable mattresses mean that you can customise your nighttime setup however you want to. 

And that’s important. No two people are alike. And let’s be honest – sometimes, the person we are right now isn’t all that similar to the person we were yesterday. Our needs are rarely stagnant. So while there are amazing mattresses out there which can help us sleep soundly, no manufacturer is ever going to be able to develop a mattress that’s perfect for everyone, every night, all the time. It’s simply not possible. 

That’s where adjustable mattresses come into play. 

Why are adjustable mattresses a good idea?

Think about when you go to sleep each night. Do you ever find that, some nights, you simply snuggle down into your bed, close your eyes, and drift off, while other nights you’re tossing and turning, unable to get any shut-eye? It happens to us all. And it’s because our bodies are always changing. 

There’s a big difference in your comfort needs after a day when you’ve sat on the sofa watching TV, and when you’ve been rushed off your feet – or when you’ve hiked up a mountain. After a day when you’ve been feeling great, your needs will be different to when you’re fighting off a nasty sinus infection, or when you’re experiencing hip pain, or achy leg cramps. 

Adjustable mattresses are a good idea because you can tailor the mattress to the way you need it, when you need it. It’s almost like being able to choose a different mattress every night. 

How can an adjustable mattress help?

An adjustable mattress allows you to sleep comfortably, in a way that suits you. No matter how you position and set up your adjustable bed frame, an adjustable mattress will conform to the setup. This enables you to sleep in the best position for your own comfort, health, and convenience needs. 

For example, with an adjustable mattress, it’s possible to…

  1. Read comfortably before sleep: Love winding down at the end of a busy day with a good book? By elevating your mattress so the head is raised, you can sit up in a comfy position to read a great novel. 

  1. Get to bed more easily: Find it difficult to get up onto your mattress? Many people do, especially with thicker mattresses. By lowering an adjustable mattress, access to your bed is much easier. 

  1. Open your airways: Lying flat on your back can affect the airways, causing snoring, aggravating sleep apnea, and worsening cold-related respiratory problems. Sleeping in a slightly more upright position can help. 

  1. Relieve pain: Struggling with back, hip, or leg pain? With an adjustable mattress, you can experiment with a variety of different sleep positions, finding one that best eases your symptoms. 

  1. Reduce swelling: Whether you’ve had an injury, or you’ve just been on your feet all day, leg swelling can be much reduced by keeping the legs elevated. An adjustable mattress is great for this. 

  1. Speed up healing: If you have an injury, adequate rest is a big part of the healing process. If you’re able to customise your mattress for improved comfort, you may find it easier to relax and recover. 

Are you ready for a ‘zero gravity’ sleep?

For some people – maybe even you – one of the biggest benefits of an adjustable mattress is that it allows you to enjoy a ‘zero gravity’ sleep. That might sound strange, but the zero gravity sleep position is becoming one of the hottest and most interesting topics in the sleep world. 

Just like memory foam, zero gravity sleep was developed by NASA. It’s a position used by astronauts that is intended to alleviate pressure on the spine, distribute weight evenly, and improve breathing and blood flow. All these things can – as you may have guessed – facilitate a good night’s sleep, too. 

To achieve the zero gravity position, an adjustable mattress should be raised at the head and the knees, with the stomach and feet remaining lower. Lie on your back, and drift off into a deep sleep. 

Buying an adjustable mattress

High-quality memory foam mattresses are ideal for use with adjustable bed frames, and we’ve got a huge range of options to choose from. Use our guide to learn more about the best type of adjustable mattress for you, or take a look at what’s on offer by browsing our online collection.  

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