What is the best sleep app for you?

What is the best sleep app for you?

Whether stress, snoring, sleep apnoea, insomnia or restless leg syndrome is to blame, a whopping 25% of the British population suffer from a hard night’s sleep. To help us achieve that sleep we so fervently desire, many of us turn to food, music, bedtime stories, sleeping pills and breathing exercises. But is there another way to induce a restful night’s sleep? This blog explores the best sleep apps on the market and how they help you to drift off to sleep.

The best apps for sleep

In today’s age of technology and gadgets, more and more people are turning to apps to help them sleep. But which app should you choose to help you sleep better? We reveal our top 5!

1. Deep Sleep with Andrew Johnson 

Released in September of last year, the latest version of this popular sleep app gently guides you through meditation exercises to help you to overcome insomnia.

Price: £2.99


"I'm 62 years old and have had trouble sleeping all my life. When I was widowed last year the problem naturally got worse. Doctors prescribed and I became dependent on Ambien and Ativan. The first five nights I listened to Deep Sleep, I slept three of the five nights - after that, every night. Without drugs. I listened every night for about a month and now, after struggling for over 60 years, I sleep peacefully every night and only need an occasional refresher listen. Thank you - you've changed my life."

"I've been surviving with little to no sleep for over 3 years. Andrew’s sleep and relaxation app has helped me way more than any drug I have taken for sleep. His gentle voice is all I need now. Thank you so much! You are AMAZING!"

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2. Sleep Pillow Sounds: rain, ocean, relaxing nature

With over 9 million happy customers, this sleep better app helps you to drift off to the land of nod in minutes. Dubbed the ‘app that helps the world sleep’, Sleep Pillow Sounds helps to induce sleep through a relaxing mix of high-quality ambient sounds ranging from gentle beach waves to wooden wind chimes.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)


"...Sleep Pillow was a complete lifesaver… I wonder how I ever managed without"

"I was not convinced it could get me to sleep until I woke up many hours later looking for my phone."

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3. Pzizz

Based on the principles behind psychoacoustics, Pzizz’s expertly tailored sequence of sounds targets various portions of the human sleep cycle to help users fall asleep quickly, stay asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)


“Where do I start? I have used SEVERAL apps for sleep assistance and many provided temporary relief. However, after finding Pzizz, I have never looked back. I’ve had this app now for over a year and I use it every single night without failure. Thanking you with many zzz’s!”

“Usually, my eight-year-old daughter steals my phone so she can Pzizz when she goes to bed. Luckily, all I have to do is wait ten minutes and BAM, she’s out like a light. I laugh at other parents who have to fight to get their kids to bed. Don’t fight, Pzizz!”

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4. Sleep Hypnosis

According to The Great British Bedtime Report, 47% of Britons can't sleep due to stress. The sleep app, Sleep Hypnosis, aims to make this statistic a thing of the past. How? Through a single 25 minute audio session recorded by a certified hypnotherapist of course! Users are encouraged to listen to this audio session every day for 1-3 weeks to learn how to reduce their stress and anxiety and sleep better.

Price: Free (with in-app purchases)


"I love this so much and want to say thanks! I have spent years finding it extremely difficult to sleep etc and for the first time in what feels like forever I have had a few really good night’s sleep thanks to this app! Would recommend to all"

"Insomnia went away with 1 use"

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5. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Unlike other sleep apps, Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock doesn’t help you sleep better, it merely tracks your sleep. Through monitoring your sleeping pattern, the app is able to wake you up during your lightest sleeping phase, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


“It just works. Period. It does exactly what it advertises which is absolutely amazing.”

“The result is so gentle and lovely it feels like being woken up by a mermaid stoking your hair or a unicorn nuzzling your toes.”

Should you Invest in a Sleep App?

While some people swear by their sleep apps, others are a little more sceptical. Whether you’ve tried a sleep app before and found it unsuccessful, or you’re a sleep app newbie, it’s time to get experimenting, as the best sleep app for you could be a simple click away! Share your sleep app experiences in the comments below - we always love to hear from you.


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