What is a Full Memory Foam Mattress?

What is a Full Memory Foam Mattress?

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A full memory foam mattress would be a mattress which is constructed entirely from memory foam. No base foam. Just memory foam. And chances are, you’d sink straight through it.

You see, all memory foam mattresses come with at least 2 layers of foam. First the comfort memory foam layer and below the supportive base foam layer. Without this supportive base layer, high pressure parts of your body such as your hips and shoulders would just sink straight through. And that’s not going to be comfortable at all.

Soft Memory Foam Mattresses

If your search for a ‘full memory foam mattress’ is really a search for a soft one, then you’re in the right place. We produce luxurious mattresses with up to 8cm of memory foam

Other Types of Memory Foam Mattress

In addition to memory foam mattresses, we also produce a hybrid mattress with memory foam and pocket springs. These mattresses have more of a bounce compared to mattresses which are made out of foam layers. 

If you’d like some more help getting to grips with the world of memory foam, get in touch! We’ll happily walk you through the different types of memory foam mattress, and we’ll even make a few suggestions. Just tell us a little about your build, sleeping habits, preferences and budget and we’ll put our thinking caps on.

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