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Top 10 memory foam mattress topper reviews

We work tirelessly in our Yorkshire factory to provide our customers with quality, UK-made memory foam mattress toppers at affordable prices. But do we pull it off? We’re handing the mic over to our lovely customers who are going to tell you exactly what they think.

1. Family Friendly

"We are sleeping like babies! The holiday cottage we rented had a mattress topper. It was so comfortable that we checked the make before we went home. Within a week the whole family had memory foam toppers. They are ridiculously comfortable and I can’t imagine sleeping without one now."

2. University Life

"Having moved into university accomodation and adopted a very uncomfortable bed, I purchased (well, my mum did) an affordable memory foam mattress topper. I can honestly say it has transformed by bed into a lovely comfortable paradise. My friends having tested mine have subsequently purchased them too. Student finances are normally tight but a topper is a definite must have purchase."

3. Motorhome Miracle

"Motorhome memory foam miracle! We love our motorhome holidays but were experiencing increasing amounts of back ache, leg ache and sciatic pain due to a mattress affording little support. We have a memory foam mattress at home so we opted for a memory foam topper for the caravan. What a difference! This summer we were comfortable and experienced no pain at all! The mattress kept us cool on warm evenings and cosy on cooler nights. The best investment we have made for our motorhome."

4. Best on the Market

"I have nothing but praise for the Memory Foam Warehouse. This 70kg memory foam topper is the best topper I have ever slept upon. I have bought many a topper over the years, and this includes the most famous brand, and this is the most comfy pressure-relieving I have purchased … I would go so far to say best on the market."

5. Back Pain Relief

"It really makes a difference to the bed comfort. We have a new, good quality bed but the mattress topper makes it even more comfortable and has helped my husband’s back problem."

6. Value For Money

"We are very pleased with our memory foam warehouse topper. Excellent value for money. The stay cool mattress topper cover really helps as I am a woman of a certain age with hot flushes!"

7. Mum-To-Be

"With me 6 months pregnant and my husband post major surgery i was desperate for some comfort and a good night’s sleep. I bought the 10cm mattress topper and it is perfect. Comfortable, supportive, life-changing! We cannot recommend it highly enough. Bargain, best buy of the year!"

8. The Triple Whammy

I stayed at my cousin’s house and slept on a memory foam mattress and realised how comfortable it was. As I have suffered insomnia for years I decided to try a memory foam topper for my own bed – perfect – first night I slept for 7 hours, and haven’t looked back. I was so impressed I bought one for my husband who is disabled and therefore has difficulty getting comfortable – he was delighted and slept like a log. Then my 93 year old mother complained she never slept – bought her one too and haven’t heard another complaint since."

9. Sofa Bed

"The mattress topper has made our slightly uncomfortable, unusual sized, sofa bed a lot better. I’m very pleased with the product and that I could get a size that fitted, rather than having to compromise, so job well done!"

10. Excellent Product

"Great value. Excellent product, when put over a firm mattress provides comfort and quality well beyond the price. Would definitely recommend product and service"

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