The Dangers of Imported Memory Foam Mattresses

The Dangers of Imported Memory Foam Mattresses

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When you’re buying a new memory foam mattress, it’s no crime to want a bargain. However it is important to ensure that your new mattress is safe and fit for purpose. In a bid to undercut their competitors and offer prices at a new low, some mattress retailers import their mattresses from overseas. Imported mattresses are not regulated in the same way that UK products are, and can be potentially hazardous.

1. Fire Safety Standards are Not Essential in Some Countries

In the UK, every component of the mattress must be tested to UK fire safety standards to ensure that it is safe and suitable for use in your home. At Memory Foam Warehouse, our procedure is three fold:

Fabric mattress cover is tested to BS7175:1989

The foam interior is tested to BS5852: Part 2: 1982

Composite of the mattress is tested to BS7177

Imported memory foam mattresses are not subjected to the same fire safety tests. It’s not unknown to find imported mattresses in UK homes without any fire-retardant components at all! In fact, these mattresses would be highly flammable if they came into contact with a naked flame. So it’s absolutely crucial that you see proof of UK fire safety testing before you buy a mattress – or else you risk putting you and your family’s lives at risk.

2. Harmful Chemicals Used During Production

Mattresses which have been imported from Far Eastern countries such as China may use harmful chemicals in their production process. UK rules and regulations regarding memory foam and mattresses do not apply here, which could result in:

Harmful dyes being used to alter the colour of memory foam

Harmful chemicals in cheap fire retardants

Overseas production allows companies to forgo public safety in favour of lower production prices. As with everything, keep your wits about you and realise that if it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is.

3. False and Misleading Product Details

We try to make our mattress product pages as clear as possible. We list the composition details of all our memory foam products:

How deep the foam layers are

What density the foam is

How many pocket springs there are

Nb. If there’s some information you can’t seem to locate, click here to get in touch! We’ll happily answer all of your questions

Unfortunately, this transparent attitude is not shared by all mattress retailers so f you are struggling to find out the composition details of a mattress, you have good reason to be suspicious. In some cases it may be that the mattress has been imported, and is made from very low quality and low density foam which will deteriorate a lot more quickly than a quality product.

4. False Claims Regarding Material Used

Another extremely concerning practice is when a mattress sold as memory foam turns out to be nothing of the sort! Beware of product titles which include the word ‘Memory’ but then turn out to have no memory foam in whatsoever. It’s always worth asking for more information if it’s not clear.

5. Make the Right Choice: Buy British

Unfortunately, importing poor quality memory foam mattresses from overseas and selling them onto unsuspecting UK consumers is a widespread practice. If you’re considering buying a new memory foam mattress, make sure you buy from a trusted UK manufacturer. We’ve got over 40 years manufacturing foam products in our Yorkshire factory, so for quality British products why not give us a go? 

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