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National Bed Month: Celebrate the Importance of a Good Bed!

Let the celebrations commence!

We’ve made it through winter, the dark nights and the January blues, so what better way to celebrate than with a campaign for National Bed Month. Having a month dedicated to lounging in bed is the dream of thousands around the country, I’m sure; but does the month hold more significance than that?

If you’ve never heard of the celebratory month before, you won’t know what it is, why we have it and how you can partake in the bed-focused festivities. Let’s take a look!

What is National Bed Month?

National Bed Month is organised by The National Sleep Council and takes place throughout the entirety of March - get ready for a busy month on that snooze button.

Jokes aside, the month is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of a good bed and the role that it plays in getting a good night’s kip and living a healthy lifestyle. The month highlights how our lifestyle and environment can affect sleeping patterns, and how using a comfortable, supportive bed significantly improves our sleep.

There are many ways that you can get involved on the voyage to enjoying some of the best sleep of your life this March.

The Importance of a Good Bed Setup

Research by the Sleep Council says only 10% of Brits have an early night, which is supposedly going to bed between 9 pm and 10 pm, and almost one-third of Brits don’t get enough sleep at all.

I’m sure we’ve all heard that a lack of sleep is bad for your health, but what exactly can happen to our bodies when we are starved of those Zs? Just a small handful of health issues that come from being sleep deprived include:

  • You lose attentiveness and the ability to focus
  • You can become forgetful
  • The appearance of your skin begins to suffer
  • Your body’s immune system is compromised so you are more likely to fall ill

Some of the most commonly discussed reasons for lack of sleep among us Brits were stress or worry, noise pollution, being disturbed by a partner and sleeping on an uncomfortable bed!

Sleeping on a limp, lifeless and all-round unsuitable bed can not only prevent you from falling asleep but continually disturb you throughout the night and cause a restless slumber of tossing and turning - so even when you’re asleep, you’re not properly sleeping.

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Is It Time to Buy a New Bed?

It’s estimated that a third of the British population haven’t bought a new bed in seven years.

In a seven-year duration, your bed will have endured approximately 20,000 hours of hard graft and your mattress will have deteriorated up to 70% when compared to its original state. Combine this with a bed frame that now has wilted slats or bent legs and it is the perfect concoction for an awful night’s sleep - and a bad back.

If that sounds similar to your current bed situation, National Bed Month is the perfect time to buy a new bed and treat yourself to a new bed frame and mattress; you deserve it.

How to Have a Good Night’s Sleep this Month

While bad sleep can sometimes be caused by issues such as sleep apnoea and insomnia, they are largely due to poor sleeping habits. Here are some things to try in your quest for a better slumber:

Turn Off Your Phone

We’re in an age where we have to remind ourselves to go on a digital detox every now and again. Using your phone in bed makes it incredibly hard to switch off and focus on sleeping itself.

It’s a never-ending string of notifications from email, WhatsApp, social media, and while it might only take a split second to see what exciting message you have just received, digital distractions are incredibly detrimental on our ability to fall into a deep sleep - or fall into any sleep at all!

Ever Thought of a Bed MOT?

We can just hear you now; “what is a bed MOT?!”

Well, similarly to an MOT that you would have for your vehicle, a bed MOT tells you if your bed is fit for purpose. It helps to determine if your bed offers optimum support and comfort for the best night’s sleep, or if you would be better cutting ties and buying a new bed. We know, you’ve been through a lot together, but sometimes you just have to move on.

Invest In a New Bed and Mattress

What do you do when you fail an MOT? You fix the problem at hand, you should do the same with your bed if you want to live your healthiest lifestyle.

A compatible bed and mattress set up will provide the correct support and comfort your need to have a quality full night’s sleep. You should wriggle less, wake up less and you will also help to combat back, neck and joint aches.

The best mattress for you is an entirely personal choice, some people prefer firm memory foam mattress, some would rather sleep on a springy pocket sprung mattress, while those with the worst back problems might opt for an orthopaedic mattress - the market is wide open and the choice is yours.

If you don’t know the difference, hopefully, our guide to choosing the best mattress might make it clearer.

Clean Up Your Diet

A little known fact is that diet has a lot to answer for when it comes to how well you sleep. You should try to avoid overeating before you go to sleep, and also try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine and alcohol that can hinder sleep quality. In contrast, foods such as sunflower seeds, peanuts, milk, chicken and turkey contain sleep-promoting chemicals, so you could try introducing these into your diet.

How You Can Celebrate National Bed Month!

The celebrations don’t have to stop there! Here are some other ways that you can celebrate National Bed Month that your body and overall comfort levels will greatly thank you for:

  • Invest in some new bedding for your new bed - not directly linked to a better night’s sleep but we all love new sheets, right?
  • Carve out a proper bedtime routine
  • Start a sleep diary so you can see the progress of your bedtime efforts

Get involved and avoid falling victim to National Bed Month FOMO! If you are on the hunt for a sturdy bed frame, supportive memory foam mattress or just a mattress topper for the extra bit of comfort, we have you covered with our wide range of products for every possible bed arrangement. We offer a 100-night trial, so if you order a mattress that’s not quite right for you, we’ll exchange it for you.

Find your perfect memory foam mattress today. 

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