Make it a new memory foam mattress for National Bed Month

Make it a new memory foam mattress for National Bed Month

Hey, it’s March - which means it’s our favourite month of the year, because it’s National Bed Month.  Winter is hopefully on its way out and spring is just around the corner, so we’re also springing into action with a timely reminder why your bed should be one of the most important things you own.

Remember, we spend a third of every 24 hours in bed, and it’s recommended that we get between 7-9 hours sleep to ensure we’re fully refreshed for the day ahead - both physically and mentally 

So, investing in a decent night’s sleep starts with making some good decisions on mattresses and beds.  But with so many products and innovations coming on to the market we know it can be overwhelming.  Which is why we’ve pulled together a simple guide to help you find your way to making the right decision.  

With all the tech and innovation that goes into today’s memory foam mattresses, investing in a decent night’s sleep is more affordable than ever.  And the great thing about foam is that it’s the perfect material for helping you regulate your temperature, during the cold nights and the hot summer ones too.

First off, take a quick look at our earlier blog which explains the different types of bed foam on the market.  As a rule of thumb, if you’re side sleeper then a memory foam mattress is what you need to head for, so why not take a look at our Which? Best Buy Coolmax Hybrid Mattress which is currently on offer for £359 for a double, giving you a great saving of £100.

If you suffer from back issues, then you’d definitely want to seek out one of our Orthopaedic Memory Foam Mattresses such as the 4G Aircool Pedic Deluxe which is packed with innovative features, including memory foam infused with cooling particles that become activated when pressure is applied.  This unique mattress sits on a layer of superior grade medical foam which also features a network of channels to give softer support in high pressure areas, while the luxury quilted mattress cover is infused with eucalyptus.

If you’re having a spring makeover, you might want to look at changing your children’s mattresses too.  As they start to get a bit older, it’s worth rethinking what they’re sleeping on so they wake up refreshed for heading back into the classroom.  A 2020 survey on the impact of coronavirus on children's sleep revealed that 70% of children under 16 were going to bed later, coupled with increasing reliance on technology.  

So, getting a new mattress may be a worthwhile investment as part of a wider range of initiatives to help your children sleep better.  Check out our guide on how firm a child's mattress should be.

Generally speaking, babies and children need firmer mattress to support young and more supple bones, so a great start would be something like CoolKids Coolmax Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress which has a temperature sensitive memory foam layer on top of a pocket sprung base - giving you the best of both worlds. Currently a small single is available for just £199.

At Memory Foam Warehouse we believe everyone deserves a proper night’s sleep and our Essentials range is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable upgrade without breaking the bank.  Check out our eco-friendly  Essentials Homestarter Memory Foam Mattress which is great for allergy and asthma sufferers thanks to its 100% recycled foam construction and natural  hypo-allergenic properties.

Don’t forget, all our mattresses are made here in the UK, in Yorkshire and that we can offer next delivery on some models, and each comes with its own specific warranty.

Go on - make March the month you treat yourself to a mattress that you deserve.

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