Lie in on a memory foam mattress

If you’re planning a lie in, here’s how to do it

National Snooze Day is here and we’re so happy we would do a little jig (if we weren’t so tired). That’s right folks, an extra hour is coming our way this Sunday so it’s time to get your priorities right and starting preparing for the best lie in EVER.

How to plan the ultimate lie in...

1. Alarms

There is only one thing worse than being woken up unnecessarily by your weekday alarm – and that’s being woken up unnecessarily by your partner’s weekday alarm. Before you hit the pillow on Saturday night, ensure ALL alarms have been disabled.

2. Phones

Switch it off. Or at the very least flick aeroplane mode on. If you’re naive enough to think that you’ll sleep through the constant buzzing of that Whatsapp group, think again.

3. Kids

If you’ve got youngsters who wake up at the crack of dawn, arrange a sleepover for them at a friends house or sweetly ask your parents to take care of them for the night. Hey, needs must.

Alternatively- make sure they sleep through the night with a childs memory foam mattress that's too comfy to get out of! 

4. Pets

So you’ve taken care of the kids. But what about the darn dog who thinks it fun to bark on Sunday mornings? Dog sitter? Totally acceptable in our eyes.

5. Drinking

If you really want to make the most of your extra hour in bed and wake up feeling refreshed, you’ll have to sacrifice your Saturday night tipple. Alcohol ruins your sleep quality, and there’s no two ways about it. So put the wine down and enjoy the best lie in of your life instead.

6. Snoring

You love them dearly, but it’s impossible to sleep through those big loud snores. Cure your partner with a memory foam pillow – and enjoy a lovely lie in as your reward. The supportive memory foam helps to keep their airways clear and open, easing snoring and Sleep Apnea.

We produce memory foam pillows in a variety of shapes and firmnesses in our Yorkshire Mattress Factory

7. Curtains

You’ve got no chance of sleeping past dawn if your curtains are made of tissue. Get yourself down to the curtain shop and buy some proper blackout curtains. Now.

8. Mattress

Dreamy mattress = Dreamy lie in. If your mattress is past its best, you wake up feeling achy and sore, or maybe you just fancy a change this is your chance. 

From all of the team at Memory Foam Warehouse, we hope you have the best National Snooze Day ever. If you have any questions about our memory foam mattresses, or would like some help finding the right mattress for you, get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

Check out our range of luxurious memory foam mattresses and you’ll sleep like a dream all year round.

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