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How To Organise Under Bed Storage for a Tranquil Bedroom

It’s a common problem; working out where to put your growing collection of belongings in your small bedroom. As the clothes piles mount, anxiety grows, and you lose track of what you own and where you put it.

One way of controlling bedroom clutter and savouring floor space in your bedroom is to introduce under bed storage.

We've gathered our favourite tips on how to organise under bed storage to minimise mess and maximise space; from organisation tips to what items to store, an Ottoman bed frame could be the key to a tidy bedroom!


Making the Most of the Space Under Your Bed

How Do You Organise A Small Bedroom?

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious bedroom to sleep in. With more and more of us living in cities and storage space at a premium, our bedrooms are getting smaller while the number of belongings we keep isn't.

A lack of space can pose a problem when trying to keep things clean, tidy and tranquil, but we have some tips and tricks to tackle this issue;

  • Take regular stock of your cupboards to keep clutter in check. Take old clothes to the charity shop to free up space.
  • Find creative storage solutions such as hanging storage and hooks on the back of doors and cupboards.
  • Go minimal with furniture and furnishings.
  • Choose multi-purpose bedroom furniture such as a chest of drawers that doubles as a nightstand or a space-saving ottoman bed.

Should You Store Things Under Your Bed?

It’s a common myth that storing items under your bed can mess with the Feng Shui of your bedroom. Whether you believe it or not, good Feng Shui requires freely circulating air to allow energy to flow. The less clutter you have in your bedroom, the better as far as Feng Shui is concerned, and if that means storing things under your bed, then go for it!

If you are concerned, avoid storing sentimental keepsakes, shoes or off-season clothes under the bed and stick to items associated with sleeping such as spare bedding.

What To Store Under Your Bed?

The area under your bed provides a great storage space opportunity. Here are a few ideas of what you can keep under your bed;

  • Shoes (make sure they are clean, dry and separated from other items)
  • Out of season clothes, you won’t be needing for a while
  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Toys and games
  • Bags, belts and other accessories
  • Valuables in lockable containers
  • Bed linen and spare towels
  • Wrapping paper and craft supplies
  • Spare pillows, cushions and throws 

It makes sense to store items in relevant rooms. For example, toys and games are best stored under kids beds, while wrapping paper and craft supplies could go under the bed in the spare room.

Bed Storage Ideas

How Do I Organise My Bedroom Drawers?

Now we’ve looked at what to store, let’s focus on how to organise under bed storage.

Separate Yours Belongings

If you share your bed with a partner, it’s worth dedicating a side of the under bed storage to each person. This way, things won’t get mixed up and you can stay on top of where things belong.

Use Storage Boxes or Organisers

To keep things organised, using storage boxes or separators helps keep different items separate and allows you to organise the space into sections, for example, one section for bulky winter jumpers, a smaller section for ties and boxes for loose items.

Use Zipped Storage Bags for Extra Freshness

If you’re concerned about keeping sentimental items under the bed, maybe a suit that only comes out every few years or a cashmere jumper- a zipped fabric storage bag will protect against dust and moisture.

Roll Clothing

This hack is a real space saver! Instead of folding clothes or blankets, try rolling instead; this saves space and keeps items in good condition.

Use Vacuum Pack Bags for Extra Space

For those looking to maximise space, a vacuum pack bag is a good option. Removing the air allows you to pack a lot more into the space. However, this storage solution works best for items you don’t use very often.

Label Items

When storing items under the bed in boxes, it helps to add an easily viewed label. It may seem unnecessary, but when you’re looking for something in a hurry, you’ll thank yourself!

Best Under Bed Storage Solutions

When it comes to under bed storage solutions, there are lots of different options to choose from;

  • Rolling drawers
  • Storage boxes with lids
  • Plastic containers
  • Repurpose an old drawer
  • Wicker baskets 

The problem with using individual boxes or baskets is that dust can build up in the gaps. If you leave things alone for long enough, you’re likely to be met with dust bunnies and dead insects when you reach under to find that spare pillow!

This type of storage requires a fair amount of upkeep with regular vacuuming to clear away dust and dead skin cells.

Alternatively, you could opt for a bed with built-in storage

The Best Ottoman Beds

An ottoman, also known as a storage bed, features built-in storage space underneath the bed frame with can be lifted via a gas lift mechanism.

The advantages of this type of under bed storage are;

  • It looks sleek and stylish
  • Protects items from dust
  • Items are easily reachable
  • Ideal for smaller bedrooms
  • Long-lasting and durable design

Full Ottoman Beds

A full Ottoman is a bed with a bed frame that lifts completely, also raising your memory foam mattress at the same time to reveal ample storage space underneath.

The Kaydian Accent Ottoman bed frame is both practical and stylish, with a well-ventilated base and spacious storage underneath. Featuring hardwood accents and quality materials, Kaydian beds come in several styles and colours.

The Aspire Ottoman bed is made from a solid steel framework and features a gas lift mechanism for easy access to the generous storage space underneath.

If you’re looking for style, the Allendale Ottoman Bed Frame comes in sleek grey velvet with discreet storage space beneath. Perfect for hiding clutter.

Luxury Ottoman Beds

Bringing Ottoman beds into the 21st century, the Chilton bed frame features an array of innovative features to make life easier including;

  • An easy-access foot lift
  • Double USB ports on each side for handy charging
  • An LED strip for a subtle nighttime glow

The ultimate in luxury beds, the Kaydian TV bed not only has valuable under storage accessible via a side lifting mechanism but also comes with space to fit an LED TV up to 42". Once you’re ready for sleep, the TV slides back into its slot. A discreet space-saving solution for your bedroom, with all the added comfort benefits of sleeping on a luxury mattress and bed.

Half Ottoman Beds

The Kaydian Hexham Bed features a spacious storage drawer at the foot of the bed. This slides out smoothly for easy access.

Upgrade Your Bedroom

Ready to put these organisation hacks into action? One of the easiest ways to organise your belongings effectively is to introduce clever storage.

Make the most of every inch of space by investing in a bed with inbuilt storage. To find the right one for your bedroom, start browsing our range of Ottoman bed frames.

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