How many sleeps until Christmas?

How many sleeps until Christmas?

Why not give the gift of a good night’s sleep for your guests this Christmas.

It’s that time of the year when the countdown to the holidays gets underway and there’s so much to do to get game-ready for the big day.  Christmas doesn’t just mean presents, mince pies and too much turkey, it often means sleepovers and a house full of guests, either for Christmas or New Year, and even that whole “inbetweenie” period.

So, if you’re worried that you’re going to run out of places for your guests to sleep, the great thing about investing in a mattress or two right now is that you’ve got them in time for the holiday season, and then they’re lined up for years to come.

Essentials affordable mattress range

With family, friends and relatives all heading over for the holidays, Christmas is an expensive time of the year, so if you just want a cheap and simple solution, then check out our essentials range which provides a great selection of affordable mattresses – perfect if you need to upgrade a spare bedroom or two.  With prices starting at just £69 for our Essentials Reflex Foam mattress and rising to £189 for our Memory Foam Plus, these fab mattresses feature highly resilient reflex foam that reacts to your body weight, moulding to the contours of your body and giving you all the support you need throughout the night.

While Christmas is definitely one for the children, it’s also an important time for the older members of the family to come together too – which means that getting a decent night’s sleep for grandparents either before or after the big day is essential if they’re to be on top form amidst all the excitement.

Luxurious orthopedic mattresses 

Our classicpedic range is the perfect solution if you think now’s the time to get that firmer mattress for friends and family who need the extra support that an orthopedic mattress provides.  Our classicpedic ultra memory-foam mattress is one of our most luxurious mattresses, with 8cm of memory foam and 15cm of reflex foam providing medium firm support.  It’s hypoallergenic too, making it the perfect mattress for guests susceptible to asthma and allergies

Zen mattresses for wellness

Or why not splash out on a bed to impress your guests, time and time again, with our Zen memory foam range which combines various layers of foam that mould to your body, helping to ease joint pain and reduce movement during the night.  Our Zen Luxury Quilted Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress  is a dream of a mattress and one of the best pocket sprung  memory foam models in the range, featuring a temperature-sensitive memory foam layer that sits upon a pocket sprung base ,as well as a quilted cover to ensure your optimum body temperature is regulated throughout the night.

Cool kids mattresses

Getting the young ones to sleep over Christmas is a challenge in itself, but with a mattress from our kids range you might just have half a chance.  We can’t guarantee it, but what we can tell you is that with our  Kids Coolmax Mattress they’ll be getting a restful night’s sleep, thanks to its top layer of memory foam, and highly supportive and durable foam base.  We’ve encased the 15cm deep mattress in Coolmax® cover featuring advanced cooling fabrics to provide a cool sleep surface and control moisture disbursement.  And because kids are kids, the cover is zipped for easy removal, and can be machine washed at just 30⁰.  There’s something for everyone who’s not a grown up, with our children’s mattresses ranging from cot sized right up to doubles.

Quick and easy mattress toppers

If you’re not quite ready for a mattress replacement, then why not enhance your current mattress with one of our many mattress toppers This is a great, affordable way to upgrade a few mattresses without splashing the cash over Christmas.  Our Essentials 5cm topper  starts at just £59.99 while our 4G Aircool 5cm Memory Foam topper at £169.99 is the ultimate top end mattress makeover, offering superior pressure relief, luxurious comfort and full body support thanks to the open-cell structure of the 4k memory foam.

Memory Foam Mattresses for all the family

Whatever you decide, don’t forget that with Memory Foam Warehouse you get added peace of mind knowing that you’ve got a 100 days sleep trial, free delivery and a 12 month guarantee. And on some of our selected products you can even get next day delivery, if you order before 1pm. But don’t leave it too late because there’s only a few sleeps until Christmas!

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