Each Morning We Are Born Again: Introducing the Zen Guru Mattress

Each Morning We Are Born Again: Introducing the Zen Guru Mattress

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Introducing the new Zen Guru Mattress: unfaltering support, sumptuous comfort and cutting-edge design all rolled into one.

Feel reborn each and every morning with The Memory Foam Warehouse’s latest arrival: the Zen Guru Mattress. Masterfully crafted in Britain using the latest mattress technology, the Zen Guru Mattress combines support with sublime comfort to create an unrivalled sleeping experience.

This innovative mattress is manufactured in 3 sizes (double, king and super king) and is made from 3 expertly chosen, ultra-indulgent layers: a supportive 15cm high-resilience base layer, a cooling 5cm Revo foam layer and a responsive 5cm 4th generation HD memory foam layer. This unique combination of layers is lovingly encased in a 100% polyester removable zipped cover with upholstered sides and a soft-touch luxury quilted sleeping surface to maximise comfort.

The Zen Guru Mattress comes delivered to your door, vacuum sealed and carefully rolled into an easy to carry box. Unlike its competitors, the Zen Guru Mattress can boast all of these fantastic qualities at the affordable starting price of just £499.99.

Fall in love with the Zen Guru Mattress over a 100 day trial period and sleep easy for 3650 days with our 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Mattress Thickness

While many companies are not forthcoming to the exact thickness of each layer, the Zen Guru and Leesa mattresses both boast a 15 cm base layer, a 5 cm middle layer and a 5cm top layer. In regards to overall thickness, the Zen Guru Mattress matches three of its competitors in providing a sumptuous, ultra-deep mattress depth of 25 cm.


It is difficult to determine from competitor websites exactly what material they use to cover their mattresses. However, from the information available on Leesa, Eve and Memory Foam Warehouse’s websites, polyester or a polyester/lycra blend appears to be the cover material of choice for its durable, hypoallergenic and wrinkle-resistant properties.

Delivery and Warranty

All mattress companies advertise free delivery and all, bar Leesa, appear to also offer a 10 year warranty.


When it comes to saving money, the Zen Guru Mattress tops the leader board, averaging £56.50 cheaper than its competitors.

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