Don’t make the bed and enjoy a healthy sleep

Don’t make the bed and enjoy a healthy sleep

Making the bed is such a chore. Well, chore time is over. We’re here to tell you that making your bed actually interferes with the health of your sleep! So, untuck those covers and read on to find out why.

How does making your bed interfere with your sleep?

Dr Stephen Pretlove from Kingstone University’s School of Architecture is one of a group of specialists who believe that a messy bedroom could spell end for creepy crawlies. Why? According to research, when we leave our bed unmade, we are removing the moisture from the sheets and mattress which dust mites need to survive.

What are dust mites?

Dust mites are microscopic, spider-like creatures which feed on our dead skin. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, the average adult sheds up to 1.5 grams of skin each day which can feed up to 1 million dust mites!!

Not only are dust mites gross, but, they can also trigger an allergic reaction in some people. The symptoms of a dust mite allergy are similar to those of a cold and can range anywhere from sneezing to itchy, red and watery eyes. This type of reaction is not caused by the dust mites themselves, but rather their waste.

What can you do to get rid of dust mites?

Don’t make the bed!

Effective and easy to do, leaving your bed unmade will cause any dust mites in your bed to shrivel up and die.

Also, ensure you know how to clean your mattress.

Consider investing in a memory foam mattress.

There are several health benefits of a memory foam mattress. Thanks to its hypo-allergenic and anti-bacterial qualities, dust mites cannot survive inside a memory foam mattress

Get the hoover out.

One way to get rid of dust mites is to suck them up into your hoover. An article in the Daily Mail advises us to vacuum not just our mattresses, but our bedroom carpets twice a week to eliminate the critters.

Wash your sheets.

According to the Mirror, we should change our bed sheets each week to avoid illness. When washing, a temperature of 60ºC is recommended as this amount of heat will help to kill the mites.

Cover the mattress.

Investing in an extra protective layer for your mattress is a fantastic way to keep dust mites at bay. Zipped mattress covers are particularly good at preventing allergic reactions as they seal in the allergens so you don’t inhale them while sleeping. A memory foam mattress topper can also help provide a barrier.

Open the windows.

To reduce the amount of humidity in the room and kill nasty dust mites, open your bedroom windows each morning and let the fresh air enter the room.

Hey, you don’t have to tell us twice to knock a chore off the list. We promise that we will never ever make the bed again!

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