Black Friday Mattress Deals: What to Expect from 2020

Black Friday Mattress Deals: What to Expect from 2020

As Black Friday 2020 is fast approaching and the first 'official' day of Christmas shopping arrives, it’s time to share our wide range of fabulous deals and sales on memory foam mattresses that will guarantee a great night’s sleep without leaving a dent. Our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale exceeds previous years and runs from 9th-30th November - let the browsing commence! 

We take a look at this year’s Black Friday Mattress Deals at MFW, for your much anticipated beds and mattresses sale shop. Our offers include:

Up to 30% off Coolmax range

Up to 30% off 4G Air+

Up to 60% off Sid Denim & Sid Noir Memory Foam Mattress

*Get 0% interest credit on orders over £500*


    Coolmax Range 

    Our Coolmax Memory Foam Mattresses are made from innovative 21st Century materials. The breathable fibres that make up the Coolmax fabric disperse moisture to keep your skin cool and dry all night long.

    Top Picks;

    Coolmax Classic Memory Foam Mattress


    The Coolmax Classic Memory Foam Mattress is a simple memory foam mattress with a breathable cooling mattress cover.

    The supportive 3cm top layer provides comfort and pressure relief with the foam expertly adapting to the contours of your body. This classic and cost-efficient mattress is perfect for front and back sleepers.

    It's breathable fibres removes excess heat and moisture from your body for a cool and dry undisturbed night’s sleep. 

    Best for: Hot sleepers on a budget

    Savings: Up to £60

    Top features: 

    • Firm support
    • Coolmax fabric
    • Removable cover
    • Washable cover
    • 5 years warranty
    • 15cm mattress depth
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Duo layer design


    Zen Superior Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress

    Our Zen Superior Coolmax Memory Foam Mattress offers a sumptuous layer of memory foam upon a supportive reflex foam base. A combination of temperature sensitive foam and a Coolmax cover providing airflow at night, ensures a dry, deeper sleep leaving you feeling refreshed in the morning. 

    This superior mattress is also perfect for allergy or asthma sufferers, it offers hypoallergenic qualities and is naturally resistant to dust mites. 

    Best for: Allergy sufferers and hot sleepers (providing maximum comfort)

    Savings: Up to £80

    Top features:

    • Medium support
    • Coolmax fabric
    • Removable cover
    • Washable cover
    • 5 years warranty
    • 20cm mattress depth
    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Duo layer design
    • Roll-packed mattress


    Coolmax 7.5cm 70kg Memory Foam Mattress Topper

      Our Coolmax 7.5cm memory foam mattress topper is a thick mattress topper with a cooling cover, for a deep layer of memory foam luxury which keeps you cool and fresh during the night. The HD memory foam makes this the best mattress topper for heavier sleepers.

      This memory foam mattress topper comes with a Coolmax cover, which wicks away built-up heat and moisture to keep you cool throughout the night. With the zip fastening, you can easily remove and freshen up your Coolmax cover by machine washing it at 30ºC.

      Best for: Heavier sleepers looking for a softer mattress feel

      Savings: Up to £70

      Top features: 

      • Coolmax fabric
      • Removable cover
      • Washable cover
      • 1 year warranty
      • 7.5 topper depth
      • Hypo-allergenic


      4G Air+

      4G Aircool mattress technology increases airflow by up to 95%, making this model ideal for hot sleepers. Open-cell memory foam is combined with soothing, antibacterial Eucalyptus covers designed to be soft on skin.


      4G Aircool Pedic Deluxe Memory Foam Mattress

      Our triple-layered 4G Aircool Pedic Deluxe, combines a top layer of innovative foam (unique to MFW) infused with cooling particles, a supportive, firm second layer and a deeper base layer of medical grade foam.

      The breakthrough heat transference technology used in our mattress features particles infused in the structure of the mattress which work to provide a breathable and fresh sleeping space.

      We have designed a network of channels within this foam base to soften the mattress around high-pressure areas, making this the best mattress for back pain sufferers.

      Best for: Back pain sufferers and hot sleepers with a larger frame

      Savings: Up to £140


      • Medium support
      • Eucalyptus infused fabric
      • Washable cover
      • Removable cover
      • 10 Years warranty
      • 23cm mattress depth
      • Hypo-allergenic
      • Triple-layer design


      Aspire Coolblue 2500 Memory Foam Mattress

      Our Coolblue 2500 Memory Foam Mattress is perfect for side, back and front sleepers and offers a medium level of firmness, offering substantial comfort and support.

      The combination of reflex foam and Coolblue memory foam react independently, offering support to key pressure points. 

      The 22.5cm high-density reflex foam is a supportive core and the mattress is topped with a 2.5cm Coolblue memory foam layer which maintains a comfortable temperature by dispersing excess heat.

      Best for: Hot sleepers who sleep in every position

      Savings: Up to £90


      • Medium support
      • Coolblue foam
      • Cooltouch fabric
      • Washable cover
      • 25cm mattress depth
      • Hypo-allergic
      • Duo later design
      • 5 years warranty


      Sid Denim Memory Foam Mattress

      A perfect mixture of comfort and aesthetics. The Sid Denim Memory Foam Mattress envelopes you in 6 layers of foam - including High Density Revo foam for resilience; superconductive Graphyx and a luxurious quilted top layer - providing you with the ultimate night’s sleep. 

      Featuring 8cm of pressure-relieving memory foam with graphite technology to cool and ventilate you whilst you sleep.

      Best for: Those looking for a luxurious, cool (and aesthetically pleasing) night’s sleep

      Savings: Up to £996


      • Medium support
      • Boxed mattress
      • Graphyx
      • Pressure relief
      • Adaptive
      • Zoned support
      • Denim fabric
      • 10 years warranty

      Looking for something similar with the same fabulous savings? Why not take a look at our Sid Noir Memory Foam Mattress.


      Why Choose Memory Foam?

      A quality memory foam mattress can help you drift off, ease muscle pain and reduce allergies. Here are some of the main benefits;

      • Enhanced pressure relief
      • Moulds to your body for individualised support
      • Movement absorption
      • Hypoallergenic and allergy-friendly
      • Long-lasting


      Why Choose Memory Foam Warehouse?

      While quality memory foam at factory direct prices is our main draw, we haven’t forgotten about excellent customer service. Here’s what makes ours special;

      100 Night Sleep Trial

      We understand that buying a new mattress is a big investment. To help you get it right, we offer a 100 night sleep trial on selected products. If you’re not completely satisfied at the end of this period, we’ll help you find a mattress more suitable to your needs.

      Mattress Warranties

      No one wants to replace their mattress every few years. We offer mattress warranties from 5-15 years to protect your investment for the long term.

      Free Delivery

      Get your new mattress delivered for free when you spend over £99.99.

      *Please allow up to 14 days for delivery due the current circumstance.*

      Excellent Customer Reviews

      When it comes to the quality and comfort of our products- don’t just take our word for it! We’re proud of our ‘Excellent’ Trustpilot reviews from satisfied customers.

      As the big day approaches, whether you’re looking for quilted, pocket sprung mattresses, orthopedic, bed-in-a-box or hybrid mattresses, we have a huge selection of British made mattress brands, types and bed sizes (small single, single, small double, double beds, king and super king) to choose from.

      Grab a bargain and enhance your bedroom furniture with our Black Friday mattress sale.

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