12 tips for a cool night sleep

12 tips to keep cool whilst sleeping

Keep cool and carry on sleeping

When the mercury goes through the roof, getting a good night’s sleep is almost impossible. Unless you have the luxury of an air-conditioned room. And in the latest heatwave, the first to warrant a red warning heat alert from the Met office, the biggest challenge will be night-time temperatures which are forecast to remain in the mid 20s, and even higher in London and the South East.

This is a particularly challenging time for older people and those with medical conditions. But it can also affect people in good health. Why? Because the intensity of the heat means that it’s very difficult to bring our body temperatures down when the outdoor temperature is above the level of our body heat - which is why the hot weather advice is to stay indoors, out of the sun and keep hydrated.


A memory foam mattress is a great, cost effective way to regulate your body temperature

So, when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep the good news is that you don’t have to invest in an expensive air conditioning unit. Investing in a memory foam mattress is a great, cost effective way to regulate your body temperature and one of the best in our lineup is our Which? Best Buy Coolmax Hybrid which combines high density foam with a pocket sprung technology to provide maximum comfort. It’s also infused with graphite which helps draw excess heat from your body.

When your own body heat is enough to contend with, the great thing about the Coolmax Hybrid is that its micro pocket spring layer moves in synergy with your body, which means you won’t be rolling over to your partner.


Stay cool on a budget with Coolmax Classic

If you’re looking to stay cool on a budget then our Coolmax Classic is a great solution with its 3cm deep layer which is great for front and back sleepers. If you sleep on your side, we’d recommend you select a mattress with a deeper base such as the Coolmax Superior which has a deep luxurious layer of foam and a cooling mattress cover to prevent overheating.


Ultimate luxury cooling mattress

If you’re looking for the ultimate cooling mattress experience then our Coolmax Superior Luxury quilted mattress offers 20cm of luxury memory foam, the deepest in our range of luxury quilted mattresses. Awarded ‘Supreme Value for Money’ by the Evening Standard, the smart luxury quilted mattress cover helps regulate your temperature by storing and releasing excess body heat when you need it. This mattress offers a medium level of support and the high density foam moulds to the contours of your body - perfect for relieving pressure points and helping to ease joint pain.

Whatever Coolmax mattress you choose, they’re all hypoallergenic and come with removable, washable covers. They’re also British made and come with our manufacturer’s warranty.

12 tips to keep cool whilst sleeping

  1. Think ahead first thing in the morning and close your windows and blinds. Only open the window just before dawn to let the coolest air of the day in. If there’s a cooler breeze late at night, open the windows to let a breeze through the house.
  2. Wear loose clothing, and ideally natural fabrics like cotton and linen.
  3. Have a cool shower before bed to help cool you down.
  4. Ice cubes on pulse points such as your wrist, as well as on your forehead and under your arms will help you cool down quickly.
  5. Place your feet in a bucket of cold water before you get into bed. Put a pair of socks in the freezer too, and put them on before you get in, or on the bed.
  6. Place a bowl of icy water in front of a fan which will help to create a cool breeze.
  7. Switch off lights and any other equipment in your bedroom as they generate extra heat that you don’t need.
  8. Freeze a face cloth and place it on your face when you feel too hot and sticky.
  9. Freeze a hot water bottle and use it as a compress on your face, neck or feet.
  10. Avoid eating too much, too late, especially meals that are rich and hot. While a cool beer or chilled glass of wine is refreshing, too much alcohol can lead to dehydration, headaches and disturbed sleep. Try a calming herbal infusion instead.
  11. Don’t forget that pets also need to stay cool too, so cooling mats for cats and dogs are worth buying from pet shops and even some discount stores.
  12. If you’re still struggling, head to the lowest level of the house. The further down you go, the cooler it gets.

Tried all of the above? You can also find some more useful tips in this useful BBC blog on how to sleep in the heat

And finally, when it comes to buying bedding in the summer sales, think ahead and invest in cottons and linens. While we’re using the latest in memory foam technology to keep you cool, the most effective fabrics for regulating your temperature are those made from natural fibres. And who knows, we may even get an Indian summer.

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